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Published on Sep 02, 2018


Through the first information appeared online on the number 40 of Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha), available in Japan from Monday, September 3, 2018, we learn that, at a date yet to be decided, within the roster of My Hero One's Justice (My Hero Academia: One's Justice), the fighting game in 3D arenas based on famous manga and anime series of Kohei Horikoshi “My Hero Academia” that will arrive in Italy on October 25, 2018 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, will be adding the version of “Shoot Syle” of Izuku Midoriya.

This mode will allow, therefore, the input of a second Deku in the roster of the game since there is already one in base form. Izuku Midorya “Shoot Style” will be available through a DLC completely free.

As we know, especially if you follow the last events of the third season of the animated of My Hero Academia, the “Shoot Style” is an alternative way designed and used by Deku, which allows him to activate the devastating “One For All” in an efficient manner and without incurring significant damage (compared to how he used the arms using the legs. The magazine will reveal that this version of Izuku Midoriya has attacks faster than all of the other characters which include series of punches and kicks in a row.

The magazine will reveal that will be added via DLC, extra missions dedicated to the mode “Shoot Style” of Deku, and that the Endeavor, the 2° Pro Hero high School Yuhei, and the father of Shoto Todoroki, will come to the roster of playable characters in the DLC next to the one analysed up to now. We recall that the Endeavor will be available, at least for users Italian and american, for all those who book the game, therefore, the proclamation of Shueisha probably is dedicated to japanese users and those who have not reserved the game, so that you can get the character even in the future, but you have to pay in this case.

Here's the extract of a Jump, appeared online, which will announce the news of the first DLC of "My Hero", One's Justice:

En la edición #39 de la Weekly Shounen Jump if ha revelado el primer DLC free download game for Boku no Hero Academia: One s...

Published by JUMP World on Thursday 30 August 2018

The roster is composed by: Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Tomura Shigaraki, All Might, Ochacho Uraraka, Tenya Iida, Shoto Todoroki, Shota Aizawa, Stain, Fumikage Tokoyami, Kyoka Jiro, Eijiro Kirishima, Dhabi, Himiko Toga, Denki Kaminari, Tsuyu Asui, Momo Yaoyorozu, Gran Torino, Muscular, All for One, Endeavor (bonus pre-order), Izuku Midoriya “Shoot Style” (free DLC).

Following are the latest trailer, if I have not yet seen:

Produced by BYKING Studios, "MY HERO", ONE'S JUSTICE allows players to form teams of 3 characters, composed by their students of the U. A. favorites, which Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo and Tsuyu Asui. The teams may also include Pro Heroes, as All Might and Eraserhead, and the bad as a Stain, Dhabi, and Himiko Toga, all determined to fight for their ideals in epic battles. Each team consists of a fighter main, and up to a maximum of two support, reflecting the structure of the teams Pro Hero often seen in the anime.

During the fight, the fighters can take advantage of the support characters, in addition to make use of their Uniqueness (the superpower that defines each hero and villain), to launch a combination of attacks explosives and turn the tide of a battle. Given that each character has a Uniqueness and an attack support that can be run to the ground, in the air and even on the buildings, MY HERO ONE ' S JUSTICE gives players the opportunity to “GO BEYOND” only as the universe of MY HERO knows how to do.

The story mode of the title relives the events from the second half of the second season of the animated up to the first half of the third: from the training of the Deku with the Gran Torino up to the battle of All Might against All for One. In addition, once completed, you will be able to relive the story from the point of view of the enemy.

"MY HERO", ONE'S JUSTICE will be launched in Italy from October 25, 2018 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC via STEAM in digital format, and other distributors.

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