My Hero Academia – Heroes Rising: the new villain is connected to the manga


Published on Dec 12, 2019


With the second feature of My Hero Academia in arrival in Japan, more and more details are emerging on the premiere of the new villain who will stand against the Class 1-A . Declaring himself “the heir apparent to the All For One“, we still know little about the Nine, even if a recent interview with the director of the upcoming release, Nagasaki, Kenji, reveals some new secrets about evil and what it means for the students of the Liceo Yuei.

The Twitter user AitaiKiMochi has shared a translation in English of the interview with Kenji in which the director has explained how Nine will be used to bring back to the Heroes again in public for the umpteenth epic battle in the history of the franchise:

The January 2020 version of Newtype has a pretty informative interview w/ BNHA HEROES RISING Director Nagasaki Kenji! He talks about the movie''s story development as well as getting permission from Horikoshi to use an element he had originally planned for the manga''s last battle!

— ☆オードリーAudrey☆ (@aitaikimochi) December 10, 2019

“The version of the January 2020 of Newtype has an interview rather explanatory with the director of BNHA HEROES RISING-Nagasaki Kenji! Talk about the development of the history of the film and the fact that he has to get permission from Horikoshi to use an item that had originally scheduled for the last battle of the manga!”

The film was originally to be set as one of the last arcs of the franchise, even if it has obviously been modified to fit a film. Nine is clearly moving on with her group wicked, and is presented here in the interview how much stronger the students of class 1-A. of course, with his powers and his appearance seemingly closer to the All For One, this is not a surprise, even if we can't wait to see how you will play these events!

My Hero Academy: Heroes Rising is currently scheduled for release in Japan on the 20th of December.

My Hero Academia – Heroes Rising: the new villain is connected to the manga is




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