My Hero Academia – Heroes Rising: the design of the villain designed by Kohei Horikoshi


Published on Oct 09, 2019


The page the official Twitter of My Hero Academy: Heroes Rising, the second animated film inspired by the manga “My Hero Academia” written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi on "Weekly Shonen Jump" and leaving it at the 20 December 2019, has published the character design on the official Nine and a Slice, the villain of the highlights of the film.

Slice and Nine were designed by the same Kohei Horikoshi. We can see below, therefore, the design in all the sauces and the description of the original characters.

12/20(金)公開"僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE ヒーローズ:ライジング"、堀越耕平先生の原案によるオリジナルキャラ、敵<ヴィラン>"ナイン"のカラー設定が到着! 演じるキャストはミュージカル俳優の #井上芳雄 official documents!! #ヒロアカ

— "僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE"公式 (@heroaca_movie) October 7, 2019

Nine is a Villain who is hunting Tomura Shigaraki and the motivations behind this goal are at the moment unknown. In order to achieve its ideals and achieve its objectives, decide to attack the island of Nabuto.

So, about that new design for the villain "Slice" in the BNHA HEROES RISING movie...

Horikoshi, your Marvel fanboyness is showing lol
(character on the right is Medusa)

— ☆オードリーAudrey☆ (@aitaikimochi) October 7, 2019

Slice is a Villain and member very close to Nine. And was betrayed by humanity in the past and has learned not to trust anyone, although it endorses the ideals of Nine. Her Quirk allows her to transform her hair into the blades and use them as weapons.

The project of Studio Bones will tell a story of the original novel and will see Kohei Horikoshi himself to work on the supervision of the script and on the study of character design.

In the occasion of the announcement of the latest details about the film, the same Kohei Horikoshi stated that the project in the works inspired by the franchise will be the last and there could be a third party since they can be seen as a final for My Hero Academia, and the reason is because the story it will make use of the concepts and elements that the japanese author had the intention to apply in the final battle of the manga. Also, remember, the film will follow the continuity of the original manga.

We propose below the synopsis extended, the key visual and the trailer:

“The story takes place in the night of a cold winter where the snow never stops falling. Shigaraki Tomura is planning the destruction of the society of Heroes as the leader of the League of Villain. Previously, while there was a battle between Heroes, and no one could realize it, something awakens imperceptibly leaving the area.
Deku and the other students of the Class 1A high School Yuhei learn from the Hero Number 1, now retired, All Might, who will be part of a project that has as its goal the birth of a new generation of Heroes. Therefore, the students are sent for a specific time on a warm island in the south of Japan to carry out this work.
Deku and the others are the interior of the island and work in helping the citizens of the island in the daily chores, but in spite of the commitments have also time to relax.
However, the calm is immediately mass and risk because of the Villain make their sudden appearance on the island. The crooks begin to destroy one after the other structures around the location, and the one who is at the command of the evil side is an individual of the name of “Nine”.
In that evening, something awakens right there.
Deku, Bakugo and the rest of the Class 1A must join forces in order to defeat Nine! But because the latter would attack the island? And can the Heroes protect the citizens of the island from the machinations of a new Villain!?”


#僕のヒーローアカデミア #ヒロアカ

— 映画ナタリー (@eiga_natalie) September 28, 2019

My Hero Academia the Movie – Heroes: Rising – confirmation of the staff of the animated series and the previous film (published by Dynit on home video): the director is Kenji Nagasaki, the scriptwriter Yousuke Kuroda, character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi, the soundtrack composer Yuuki Hayashi and animation studio Bones.

The first feature-length film, “My Hero Academia – The Movie: the Two Heroes“, which was released in Japan on August 3, 2018 and has the active collaboration of Kohei Horikoshi himself and the 23 and 24 march 2019 has been projected in Italy under the label of Dynit.

Not only the film souls in the world of My Hero Academia because, remember, the fourth season animated will arrive in Japan on the 12th of October 2019.

My Hero Academia – Heroes Rising: the design of the villain designed by Kohei Horikoshi is




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