My Hero Academia: All Might is inspired by Goku and Hellboy


Published on Jan 10, 2019


From humble beginnings, My Hero Academia, manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi, has reached the top of the world with a history that focuses its potential on the phenomenon of heroism, and the author has several times stated, is through the drawings that with eloquent graphics, he was inspired by the most famous american comic books and also, of course, to the works of manga that were published before his.

Every manga on the heroism that respects presents a character who represents peace, the savior of the Earth and the one who never gives up in the face of adversity. (In japanese) Horikoshi, this figure is covered with All the Might and to his thought, his power and physicality impressive are features that reflect the hero number one for excellence.

As anticipated, My Hero Academia tends to be inspired by the famous series of manga and american comics, and the same author, in regard to All the Might, has declared that the master of the Deku is influenced by two important characters, Goku and Hellboy.

With regard to Goku, the protagonist of Dragon Ball, Kohei Horikoshi has declared that curiosity on the occasion of the edition of the 2018 and San Diego Comic-con, an event in which the author was a special guest. In fact, it was asked to the author if All Might, being a mentor who supports his students, especially from the psychological point of view, is inspired by someone close to her the affections of real life.

The response of the author is the following:

“No, it is not inspired by anyone in real life. It is based on Goku of Dragon Ball“.

[email protected] @ #SDCC18 Q: “All Might is such a supportive mentor. Do you base him on anyone in your life?” Horikoshi: “No, not anyone in real life. I based him on son Goku in Dragon Ball.”

— Deb Aoki (@debaoki) July 22, 2018

With regard to Hellboy, instead, Horikoshi has sorprendetemene said in an interview with Yoshihiko Umakoshi, one of the talented animators of the anime, My Hero Academia.

The animator Umakoshi states for Horikoshi have noticed in My Hero Academia offered a glimpse of the series in the american comic book Hellboy. Kohei Horikoshi, catching the ball, continued with emphasis on the speech. Here are his words:

“Yes, the way through which Mike Mignola [author of Hellboy, ed.] draw the hands has influenced me a lot. The style that I applied to All the Might in the first volume it was having a negative effect. I was inspired by the character of the american shamelessly, her fingers of All the Might they were square, flat and angular.
Plus it's fantastic the way in which he applies black spaces. And’ how to perceive the feeling of reality if you look from the distance the balloon for as it is incredible the three-dimensional effect. When I started to imitate his style in order to understand its tricks and artistic, there are successful. Also the shadows that the drawing in the manga are inspired by the art of Mike Mignola“.

Here's the relevant passage. All Might's style is apparently semi-inspired by Mignola''s style.

— TheTownlyBomb (@Thetownlybomb) September 3, 2017

MY HERO ACADEMIA is a manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi from 7 July 2014. Currently have been published in 211 chapters weekly, and the first 200 were collected in 21 volumes. In Japan it is published by "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha). In Italy the rights of the manga have been acquired by Editions Star Comics, with 17 volumes available.

The manga has experimented with the transposition of three animated series with 63 episodes total transmitted. In Italy you can watch it for free, legally, and with Italian subtitles on the streaming platform VVVVID (Dynit). It was announced that the fourth season that will start in October 2019. From 17 September 2018, Mediaset, through Italy 2, transmits the animated series in the clear, and dubbing in Italian.

The first feature-length film, “My Hero Academia – The Movie: the Two Heroes“, which was released in Japan on August 3, 2018 and has the active collaboration of Kohei Horikoshi himself, and the march of 2019 will arrive in Italy under the label of Dynit. Recently it was announced the production of a feature-length live-action with the joint cooperation of Shueisha and Legendary (the u.s. study) and a new theatrical show.

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My Hero Academia: All Might is inspired by Goku, and Hellboy is




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