My Hero Academia: a fan art imagines the costumed hero professional Midoriya Izuku


Published on Mar 15, 2018


My Hero Academia, manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi, is based on the story of a normal human being and on his adventure, winding, leading him to become the greatest hero of the trader of all times in the name of peace and justice, or the story of Izuku Midoriya.

The main character of the manga debuted as a typical guy incapable, but with the passion and hope to reach great heights and, at an early stage, these last two features will be in life.

Currently, Izuku is one of the aspiring heroes of the most promising of the story imagined by the master Horikoshi and one day, probably not very far from the time that the author revealed in December 2017 laid the foundations for the final showdown, Midoriya is destined to become the greatest professional of all time.

For every hero's professional future, there is need of a worthy costume, we have been taught, and from the moment that the eye wants its part, the Deku, the name from the hero of Izuku, he is obliged to possess one. And, in fact, a user on Reddit, who is signed with the name of TheStumbler702, has published a fan art which imagines the costumed hero professional Deku.

Here it is below:

The predominant color of the costume has remained such to the present, as well as the typical red shoes, which, among other things, Horikoshi-sensei loves to draw, therefore, was a wise choice to keep it, although it is a fan art. The rest is all a more elaborate and suitable for a hero that fulfills this role as a professional.

Horikoshi will have already in mind the costumed hero professional to Deku? We don't know yet with certainty. All we can do is to read the work in Italy is published by Editions Star Comics.

Before concluding, we recall that the My Hero Academia is a trending topic lately, as the third season of the animated debuts in Japan from April 7, 2018

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My Hero Academia: a fan art imagines the costumed hero professional Midoriya Izuku is




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