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Published on Apr 05, 2020


The Study of Bones proves to be a great animation studio in this final season to say the least explosive and ultrafrenetico whose large, great leaders are Endeavor, now crowned as the new Hero Number One after the retirement of All Might, and his colleague and ardent admirer Hawks, one of which is shown, the unusual Quirk in action against an enemy that is really powerful as a Nomou really very different from all the ones seen up to this moment.


The final scene of All Might have ended an era and opened another, a bit like the death of Whitebeard in One Piece: now that he has become the Hero Number One in Japan, it is finally his time.

The Endeavor has always felt in competition with All Might, and all his life he is engaged so deeply in trying in every way to surclassarlo to compromise for this the relationship with his wife and three of his children.

In the initial stages of this extraordinary episode is shown, in fact, his family, and from these images we can clearly deduce that his wife has a point of view decidedly different from that of the boys: while the woman in some way demonstrates to understand why her husband, her children are not so willing to justify his information, so much pain caused to them and to their mother's health, already fragile.

Now that he is the Hero of the Number One things have however changed, and is willing to prove his worth on the field of battle so to make his children proud of him, especially Shoto, the one who most of all suffered on their skin the consequences atrocious his behavior of the previous years.


The Nomou Black is pushed to the front of the Endeavor and the Hawks has something that distinguishes it from Nomou White: not only can rely on the most Unique, but has a regenerative capacity which reconstructs his body at an incredibly quick (the scenes that show this feature are animated in an incredibly accurate and very realistic) and is endowed with the gift of the word, then, seems to be much more intelligent of the other, which makes it a war machine that is virtually unbeatable.

The Endeavor must then give the bottom of everything in his arsenal to be able to counteract, and a supporting character such as Hawks, are essential primarily to save as many innocents as possible, in a scenario of devastation really impressive, but the blond guy from wings, purple is also able to help his mentor against the Nomou Black, while not relying on mere brute force.

The debut as a new aspirant Symbol of the Righteousness of the Endeavor could not be more spectacular, but the clash that he is the protagonist together with the Hawks, who admires him since he was a baby and now has the honor and the privilege of being able to fight side by side with his idol.

The effort to which the Endeavor has submitted his body is inhuman, and is likely to jeopardise for ever: we should not ever forget that, incredible as it may be, the Quirk of which the Heroes and the villain to My Hero Academia are in possession can be amazing and powerful, their bodies remain always those of the ordinary human beings: in the case of the Endeavor, the fire that characterizes it can literally carbonizzarlo, unlike, for example, of what happens to Ace, which is not damaged by the fire that produces it because his body is no longer made of flesh, but of fire in a pure state, which also explains why in the One Piece the owners of the Fruit of the Devil type Rogia develop the powers so incredibly devastating.

In Boku no Hero Academia Kohei Horikoshi has made of it a choice of style and narrative which is very different: his characters are and remain human, which help to unleash their true destructive potential is in many cases suicidal.

But the Endeavor feels on his shoulders the whole weight of being the heir of his eternal rival, All Might, and cannot abandon the field of battle by letting a monster like the one that is just hanging in front of sow destruction and death.

The fight scenes of this episode are incredibly rewarding: ultrafrenetiche, dynamic, exciting and constantly lit by the glowing flames of the Endeavor, which proves to everyone what the real meaning of the word borrowed from the Latin Plus Ultra.

We could not expect the end of the season more dramatic, more exciting and more visually satisfying of this, which shows, once again, as the work of Kohei Horikoshi is one of the best products in the contemporary scene of shonen fighting.

Now, we just have to wait to find out what will be in store for us in the fifth season of " My Hero Academia, which has been already announced officially.

I remember, finally, that the fourth season of " My Hero Academia that all three of the previous seasons are distributed in a way totally legal and FREE here in Italy the platform streaming online VVVVID. The new episodes will be available in simulcast with Japan on every Saturday evening starting at 20:00.

Also, the fourth season of " My Hero Academia is also available on Crunchyroll, but in this case you can view it you will need to subscribe to a paid subscription to this platform of online streaming (you can still start a free trial of the service for the duration of 30 days, if you have not already done so). Go beyond the limit. PLUS ULTRA!

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