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Published on Mar 22, 2020


This fourth season of Boku no Hero Academia, to a single episode from its conclusion, is proving to be definitely up to expectations!

In the two episodes the most recent of a series of animation made masterfully by Bones Studio and based on the original work written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi-you'll see the conclusion of the fight between Gentle Criminal, and The good of the one part, and Deku from the other, along with lots of information on this adorable pair, and a series of performances and events that are animating the much-awaited Cultural Festival of the high School Yuei.


Gentle Criminal, and Deku have many more things in common than they might appear at a first superficial glance, both are fighting with tooth and nail to defend those they love and their ideal, but there's more to it.

Episode 22 focuses, in part, on a short biography of the Gentle Criminal, and The Brava, thanks to which you will discover, in addition to their real names, who they were and what they occupied before becoming criminals. I will confess that these scenes, I was really moved by the strong sense of pathos in which they are immersed and that even more make us understand how intense and deep is the bond that binds them.

Also, during the battle our Midoriya proves once again a boy is not only physically very strong, but also very shrewd and intuitive, and the Gentle Criminal had in fact admitted to not being able to disable the Quirk to your liking, to where Deku, thanks to his ability to use logic even in the face of more agitated, unable to guess where it might be located, the platforms, elastic created by his opponent to be able to exploit to his advantage.

But just when the battle seems finished, here is that good will activate its Uniqueness, that it almost seems made on purpose to support his beloved Gentle Criminal...


The Cultural Festival is an occasion of fun and entertainment for the children who attend the Yuei, and the other sections await the performance of the 1A, not so much for partying, but rather with a certain distrust and loads of prejudices: for many students, the 1A is in fact responsible for all the upheavals that have occurred recently, and are also convinced that what souls Midoriya and his companions the desire to do something pleasant for their friends and fellow students, but rather the desire to selfishly show off.

Kyoka is a great lover of music and, as you will see in the most recent bet, also a daughter of art: the music is in the practice part of its DNA, and for this special occasion, she and her classmates have made a truly incredible spectacle!

Music, dance, lights, colours and lots of energy on stage and are thus also transmitted to the public, that he is really captivated, fascinated, and very satisfied.

But there is a person among them who is enjoying this brief moment of peace, a person who, despite his tender age, has never had not even a valid reason for you can even sketch a smile: "the small Were you observe so enraptured by the show in front of his eyes while he is in the company of the Milio, the Hero who has lost his Uniqueness in order to protect it.

But the 1A is certainly not the only one to perform! In the program there are many other events, including the most anticipated of all, the beauty contest! The girls perform showcasing their undeniable attractiveness and expanding its performance thanks to the use of their respective Uniqueness, proving, as it has done previously on the 1ST, when these are adaptable to the most disparate situations, not only in the combat phase.

Unfortunately for us fans of the My Hero Academia, this fourth season of the anime is almost over, for which we have to discover in which way this will conclude next week.

I remember, finally, that the fourth season of " My Hero Academia that all three of the previous seasons are distributed in a way totally legal and FREE here in Italy the platform streaming online VVVVID. The new episodes will be available in simulcast with Japan on every Saturday evening starting at 20:00.

Also, the fourth season of " My Hero Academia is also available on Crunchyroll, but in this case you can view it you will need to subscribe to a paid subscription to this platform of online streaming (you can still start a free trial of the service for the duration of 30 days, if you have not already done so). Go beyond the limit. PLUS ULTRA!

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