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Published on Dec 17, 2019


Kohei Horikoshi has accustomed us, with his " My Hero Academia, in a skillful blend not only of the stylistic elements of comics and manga, but also of the fighting more violent, dynamic, and challenging with a deep characterization of its protagonists.

In this case, in the episode, the most recent of the anime, they are shown the deepest roots of the insecurity of Red Riot and his uncontrollable desire to push beyond the limit, to cite a part of the great All Might, together with the extraordinary and in part unexpected performance on the field of battle for the phenomenal Fat Gum.


We start from the section more intimate, of this episode: the story of the first years of the adolescence of Eijiro Kirishima.

During the battle, Red Riot, and Fat Gum they find themselves against two opponents with the one-of-a Quirk voted on the attack, and the other to defense, and this combination seems to put the villain in advantage compared to the Hero and aspiring...

As we know, in fact, is a Fat Gum that is Red Riot possess Uniqueness useful primarily for the defense, and may succumb easily to strikes devastated one of their opponents and the defense almost impenetrable by the other.

This deep sense of powerlessness pervades fully the young mind of Kirishima, also due to his past...

When he was younger, the boy was teased by his school mates because of its Uniqueness and way less effective with which used, and for this we throw in the insecurity more total.

Kirishima wanted to enter the high School Yuei, but because of his sense of impotence, that had also paralyzed on one occasion, in which the mind was telling him to intervene, but his body had remained as petrified, at some point of his life is about to decide to abandon his dream.

It will be his admiration for a particular Hero Professional with a Quirk like his and for a school mate that will push him instead in the opposite direction, causing it to regain the necessary confidence in himself.

now, recalling the most difficult moments of his childhood, Kirishima also remember what prompted me to react then, in the past, giving then the strength to do so even in a situation that seems hopeless in the present.


I know, I see JoJo everywhere, but it was inevitable for me to think of Diamond Is Unbreakable when I first heard the name of this special technique of Red Riot! However, it is more likely that the reference may belong instead to the title of an american movie, and the rest, it's not even the first time that Horikoshi cites, explicitly or not, the american cinema!

Gran Torino and Erasehead are the titles respectively, two films directed by Clint Eastwood and David Lynch, while the name of Mina Ashido, its Uniqueness, and the name that choose to be like Heroin are very clear references, even if less explicit, to the saga horror-sci-fi Alien.

In the case of Ubreakable, the quote recalls the title of a movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan in which, a villain from the health to say the least poor, is opposed to a hero “Indestructible”.

Of course, the Red Riot is not indestructible, but knows his business, and despite its Uniqueness, is useful mainly as a defence, it is certainly said that may not also be used to attack, and the same goes for his senpai Fat Gum!

Fat Gum is really a great, great Hero, doing all he can to protect his student and has in store for the two opponents that he finds himself in front of a couple of surprises are truly exciting! But when his life will be in serious danger, also Red Riot will decide to live without having to regret having seen die Fat Gum without moving a muscle.

I remember, finally, that the fourth season of " My Hero Academia that all three of the previous seasons are distributed in a way totally legal and FREE here in Italy the platform streaming online VVVVID. The new episodes will be available in simulcast with Japan on every Saturday evening starting at 20:00.

Also, the fourth season of " My Hero Academia is also available on Crunchyroll, but in this case you can view it you will need to subscribe to a paid subscription to this platform of online streaming (you can still start a free trial of the service for the duration of 30 days, if you have not already done so). Go beyond the limit. PLUS ULTRA!

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