My Appo is update and improve more and more the management of appointments


Published on Dec 26, 2016


ARTICLE SPONSORED – For those who don't know it yet, My Appo is a complete application that allows you to manage your daily tasks and organize many other things. For example, with this single app, you can consult and modify one's daily commitments, meetings, events, bookings and appointments for your free time. And the news is so much more...

My Appo was designed to give the user an unique app with which you can manage all your appointments, but it is only now with the new release the work is finally completed.

In previous versions, in fact, you could exchange your appointments and events with the contacts that had My Appo with the groups, and the registered companies. Now, in addition to the functions already present, My Appo becomes an agenda itself, where you can save the personal commitments and, where automatic, are reported all of the appointments that we have created in the various calendars on the phone and in the e-mail account. In practice, now all we have saved in the calendar and e-mail become part of My Appo, which may in fact become the only tool with which to manage our time.

From the 5 pages of the last version, now there is a major simplification, summarized in 3 pages, Calendar, Companies, Contacts.

Just download the app you will be prompted for the connection with the mail account, and you will immediately find yourself in the Calendar, all important dates in there in addition to those marked on the calendars of your phone.

The registered companies can be geo-tagged by category, so as to allow the user to search around your location all the registered companies and see on the map if we have the restaurants, the pubs, the places that have My Appo as management of appointments, with the possibility to book directly from the app!

The Contact page has remained identical to the previous version, saw that it was already full of the necessary functions. From here, you can invite your friends to download the app by sending an SMS or message on Whatsapp, and you can create groups to be able to send an appointment with a quick selection of the usual recipients. If you send an APPO EVENT, the photo attached below and send in the appointment will be immediately saved in the gallery of the recipient. This function is very useful if for example you send an invitation card, a poster, a document or communication is important. The recipients, in fact, will have the appointment already entered into the agenda and the document is in the app in the gallery. With this feature, no detail will be lost, and My Appo remember all the commitment deadline in the inbox with notifications, alarms and reminders.

In practice, with just one submission, enter all of the details of the appointment in the smartphone of the recipient. My Appo remember all the date, the address, and you will be able to attach an image, which can be a document, a poster or an invitation card. You will have the list of answers and you will know who will be coming to the appointment.

With My Appo you get instant access to 5 Appo Event free of charge, to send special events in which to insert the image, and to best describe the program of an event, a meeting, a communication major.
You can buy them in packets, or switch to the full version of My Appo with the Appo Event unlimited.

My Appo is available for free on the App Store.

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