MWC 2018 – Nokia has five phones, there is also the “banana boat rides”


Published on Feb 25, 2018


HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, announced four new entries in the now well-known family of Android smartphones – Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, new Nokia 6, and Nokia 1. Ensuring the quality of workmanship that you expect from Nokia phones, every new smartphone offers the durability and reliability, setting new benchmarks in terms of materials and design.

Strengthening the promise for an Android experience pure, safe, always updated, smart, HMD Global also announces that it will become the first global partner to boast a full range of the device in the program Android One Google. The commitment to ensuring an Android pure, safe and always up-to-date ensures that the Nokia smartphones are the natural partner for the global program.

In addition to the new Android smartphones, the iconic Nokia 8110 is revised, with 4G connectivity, apps, including Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Search, Facebook and Twitter, and the return of a ‘slider phone’.

As well, secure and up-to-date enhanced with the commitment to the Android One

Three new Nokia smartphones – Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus and the new Nokia 6 – becoming part of the Android family One, offering an experience quality software designed by Google. Each phone will be updated with the most recent innovations to have the highest degree of safety provided directly from Google. With an installation as well Android, smartphones, Nokia are free from changes in the UI or hidden processes, unwanted which consume the battery or slow the device to ensure optimal use, most of the time. All new phones have a limited number of apps pre-loaded to provide more storage space, and the latest innovations to keep pace with the times.

Equipped with Android Oreos™, you can now enjoy the latest innovations including the feature Picture-in-Picture for multitasking, Android Instant Apps to identify and manage the app with a clutch minimum, 60 fantastic new emojis and features to maximise the battery as the limitation of the app in the background.

Four new Nokia smartphone Android:

Nokia 8 Sirocco: powerhouse ultra-compact for the fans

Inspired by the historic Nokia phones, the elegant and compact design of Nokia 8 Sirocco is a combination of ideal craftsmanship, and innovation. Equipped with the powerful features of storytelling – including Dual-Sight enhanced, ZEISS optics and acoustic quality with Nokia spatial audio, Nokia 8 Sirocco is a powerhouse ultra-compact, and the most beautiful smartphone Nokia to today.

The finishing of curved glass surrounds the stainless steel core to provide beauty and strength. With a thickness of only 2mm, Nokia 8 Sirocco combines a display, the curved, edge-to-edge pOLED 2K 5.5-inch screen with finer edges and a rounded body to give life to a profile of ultra compact.

The profile in stainless steel is 2.5 times stronger than aluminum 6000 series, and the 3D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 is sufficiently robust to withstand the shocks of every day. With an optimum weight and perfectly balanced, it is safe in the hand thanks to the profile in stainless steel dual diamond-polished which improves the grip.

Capture every detail thanks to the two rear sensors with ZEISS optics of Nokia 8 Sirocco combining a main camera ultra-sensitive wide angle for maximum performance with very little light and a second sensor of 13MP with optical zoom 2x. And, with the Pro mode Camera, has manual control on every shot, helping you to create photos from a true professional.

Available from the month of the end of April, Nokia 8 Sirocco will be sold at a recommended price of €799,99.

Nokia 7 Plus: flagship hero for all

Thought for the creators to offer content without prior, Nokia 7 Plus has the screen, power, design and features that are necessary to become a true ‘hero’. By combining hardware and optical algorithms, imaging, innovative, Nokia 7 Plus capture the moments in photographs ‘true to life’. With Dual-Sight enhanced, two rear sensors with ZEISS optics combine a main camera ultra-sensitive wide-angle to 12MP for maximum performance in low-light conditions, or extreme with a second camera 13MP with optical zoom 2x for the moments when you want to be closer to the subject to be photographed.

To allow the capture of even more content, most of the time, Nokia 7 Plus it has a powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 Mobile Platform. It is optimized and integrated to ensure maximum performance and battery life, even when transmit video #Bothie live on Facebook or YouTube. Optimized to squeeze to the maximum the already powerful battery 3800 mAh, Nokia 7 Plus lasts for two days.

The back is slightly curved and thin edges, ensure an experience big-screen in a format that is comfortable and clean. The vivid display, 18:9 Full HD+ 6-inch makes Nokia 7 Plus perfect for browsing, managing, social, gaming and entertainment-with more content in the same width on offer from a device that is traditional with a display of 5.5 inches.

Available in two colour mixes, Black/Copper, White/Copper, Nokia 7 Plus will be marketed in the month of April at a recommended price of €399.

The new Nokia 6: our flagship smartphone is even better

Based on the success of its predecessor, the new Nokia 6 offers even more performance and functionality in a compact body and long-lasting. 60% faster than the previous model, the device offers Dual-Sight enhanced, ZEISS optics, USB-C fast charging, a ratio of screen-to-body more compact, the Nokia spatial audio, and as well, secure and up-to-date Android Oreo™.

The new Nokia 6 brings the quality of the invoice of the original to new levels by combining a body made from a single block of aluminum, 6000 series with a process of anodizing and polishing two tone 11 hours. And thanks to the display, sculpted 2.5 D with durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass, compact body and stylish new Nokia 6 will remain beautiful for even longer.

The engineers have integrated Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 630 Mobile Platform to ensure fast performance and smoothly, in addition to a battery life of 24 hours.

Available in three colours: Black/Copper, White/Iron Blue/Gold, new Nokia 6, with two configurations, one with 3GB RAM/32GB ROM, released in April, or 4GB RAM/64GB ROM which will come later, the new Nokia 6 will be marketed in April at a recommended retail price of €279.

Nokia 1: an experience smartphone Nokia full, for all

Nokia 1 is new and offers the essentials of a smartphone with the quality you would expect from a Nokia phone and a design familiar and fresh to fans around the world. Designed to offer access to technology to a greater number of people, Nokia 1 Android has Oreo™ (Go edition), a version of Android optimized for devices with 1GB RAM or less. Nokia 1 is fast and responds quickly, and offers access to Google Play™ Store to search all your favorite apps, from WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram to mobile banking, highlighting those that are optimized for Android Oreo™ (Go edition).

With the iconic ‘Nokia smile’ in a format that is renovated, you can customize your Nokia 1, thanks to the popular Xpress-on, available in different bright colors. Put it and remove it with a simple click to express your personal style. Each cover is made with the same precision and attention to detail of the original. Intrinsically colored, sturdy cover, two-tone polycarbonate is ready to absorb bumps and knocks thanks to a design meant to last.

Available in April in the colors Red and Blue, the Nokia 1 will be marketed at a recommended retail price of €99, while the Xpress-on will be seen separately.

Originals: Nokia 8110

Revisiting the legendary Nokia 8110, this feature phone 4G features the iconic design of a curved slider and gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself knowing that your essential smart phones are at hand.

With an interface that is familiar and easy to use, it has mechanical tactile, intuitive, sliding the door to answer and end calls. The Nokia 8110 offers the quality you would expect from a Nokia phone, including durability and reliability. The phone allows calls Times and it is perfect for those who want an iconic feature phone 4G or a companion phone. With access to the app store, for favorites such as Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter, send and receive emails or import contacts, and sync the calendar with Outlook and Gmail. For effective functionality, the Nokia 8110 features of the Qualcomm® 205 Mobile Platform. And yes, it integrates an enhanced version of Snake!

Available in two colors, Black and Yellow, the Nokia 8110 will be sold in may at a recommended retail price of €89.

“Last year at this time, we started our adventure with great expectations from fans and the responsibility to respect the legacy of one of the brand's most innovative in the industry,” says Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global. “Since then we have introduced some of the icons, signed a partnership with friends old and new and offered an Android experience pure, safe, and updated over the entire range. Last year, we marketed more than 70 millions of Nokia phones”.

“As we have expanded the range, we have complied with a vision: to offer the excellent Nokia phones that match the values that our fans expect,” continues Seiche




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