Mussels contaminated with salmonella from Greece: alarm in Italy

Published on Oct 15, 2018

Mussels contaminated with salmonella. The alarm was launched in the last few hours from the Italian Ministry of health, who has given notice to the Rasff, the alert system european fast food safety. According to what is learned, the mussels, the object of the alert would come from Greece.

The Rasff is therefore recommended not to consume the mussels before they are subject to the supervision by the hygiene Service of the food and nutrition of the local Asl. Consuming them uncooked would cause in fact to serious health consequences. When you do not know lots of mussels living contaminated since they were sent not only to the large-scale distribution, but also to the fishmongers and markets.

According to the fears expressed by John D'agata, president of “Atm rights”, the risk is that:

“The mussel beds affected by the recall can be marketed outside of legal channels, putting at serious risk the health of consumers. While the mussels purchased exclusively through authorized legitimate channels inside plastic bags with labels showing their origin, can be purchased safely”

Salmonellosis is an infection that is transmitted by the ingestion of foods or beverages contaminated by this bacterium. In particular, the salmonella that can lurk in meat is not cooked, eggs and milk. In addition to the contaminated food, salmonella can contract through contact with infected animals.

The symptoms appear within 6-72 hours after infection with diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and pain in the abdomen. Usually resolves without the need for any medical intervention. Instead, it may be a cause for concern in the case of patients who are already suffering from other diseases, or in the case of elderly or immunosuppressed patients. In this type of subjects may need to be hospitalization for the treatment of any complications that may arise.

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