Music: “opium”for the brain. When sex, drugs and rock'n'roll stimulate the pleasure

Published on Feb 08, 2017

Sex, drugs and rock and roll. The ingredients of the ‘holy trinity of hedonism’, which became the first title of a song and then say, maybe you were chosen for the case. But now, in the full marathon festival, the intuition of those who have combined for the first time seems to find a scientific confirmation: a study of the McGill University of canada, published today in ‘Scientific Reports’ (the Nature group), shows that the notes, the ecstasy of the passion, and the drugs have a hold on the neurons following the same identical circuits. The music, therefore, as well as the love, in the true sense of the word ‘opium’ for the brain. Music: “opium”for the brain. When sex, drugs and rock'n'roll stimulate the pleasure. “The research offers the first demonstration that endogenous opioids”, the ‘drugs’ produced in the brain such as the endorphins, analgesic and exciting, “are directly involved in the pleasure generated by music,” says the cognitive psychologist Daniel Levitin, senior author of the work. In previous studies, his group had already mapped with the technologies of neuroimaging of the brain areas that light up when listening to a song you loved. However, Levitin and colleagues were only able to deduce the involvement of the so-called system oppioidergico. Now, however, are able to interfere with the mechanism that clicks when in the background there is the song of choice. The pleasure for the notes has its origin in evolution. In summary, the scientists have locked in a selective and temporary opioids released by the brain to the taste of the notes. Using the naltrexone – an antagonist drug of the receptors of the opioids, commonly administered in the treatment of addiction have verified that the joy of listening to the music of the heart suddenly goes off. It was the proof that, just like the sex and the drugs, even the right sounds activate the brain pathways associated with pleasure. Because Sanremo is Sanremo, but it is also a matter of chemistry. “Although by blocking endogenous opioids we expected this result, though we are still fascinated by the stories of those who participated in the experiment,” says Levitin. One said: “I Know that is my favorite song, but it's me doing the effect that makes me usually”. And another: “it Looks beautiful, but I don't bring anything”. The universality of music and its ability to deeply influence the emotions, conclude the researchers, suggest that the pleasure for the notes has its roots in evolution. And the new study adds to the evidence that lead you to follow this track. (ADNKRONOS)

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