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Published on Mar 03, 2019


Bao Publishing port in Italy, Álvaro Ortiz, one of the names on the rise in the comic landscape iberian modern, and his Murderabilia.

The graphic novel has as its protagonist Mälmo Rodríguez, a young, penniless, without art nor part divided between the end of the study and a nullafacenza masked from the search of a job. Suddenly, his life is “shocked” by the death of a distant uncle who died of a heart attack, which reserves a memory “happy” so are you volunteering to go to put in order the house, retrieving the two cats with whom his uncle lived.

Behind the gesture of Mälmo hides a dual purpose.

Uncle is yes died of a heart attack but living alone and his body was found after many days, days in which the cats have feasted on the body. Sifting on the internet, the boy discovers a world of collectors of the macabre souvenirs that belonged to the dead or violent crimes and bizarre addition to the serial killer. So she decides to monetize the cats, selling them to one of these collectors who lives in a small town outside the city.

Once there and after you are finished with the bizarre affair, however, lose the coach that would take him back home meeting with Marcy, the owner of the local motel, which weaves a relationship, stopping to work there.

Mälmo, however, continues to attend the collector in deciding to write his memorabilia, but taking it all hidden in Marcy. Apparently the man is not well seen in the city, having bought a house where there has been a terrible multi-murder. Just on the eve of the annual festival of the hunt, however, the collector is killed, thanks to the well placid of this small community the thing which is passed for an accident, a stunt among boys.

Mälmo is the only one to defend the man, discovering the terrible truth about Marcy and being ostracized from the town. It is in this moment that something terrible snaps in him...


Álvaro Ortiz creates a story by the echo in a certain graphic novel of the formation of the european school, of which Italy is definitely the standard-bearer in the landscape of comics, but also american, especially in the independent field, but then turns on the territories from black humor, which is closer to a certain school is independent but the british in a strange short circuit that is causing the ever-present Scott Pilgrim with The End of The F***ing World.

Murderabilia is from this point of view, an ambitious work by the young author of “dominates” for a large part of the chapters, only losing in a very central area that you dwell, perhaps, in unnecessary frills. The pivot of the narrative remains, however, the young protagonist who lives a real personal growth parallel to the discovery not only of the macabre world of these bizarre collectors but also to that of the real nature of the small town.

In the end, who pays the duty, in part, to the Shining by stanley Kubrick, is a little corollary to this location where shows with ever greater insistence in the course of the pages as the perception of “different”, “weird”, “macabre” is subjective, and as the normalcy often hides a cruelty unspeakable, which can destabilize even the most calm of individuals.

The influence of the independent school is apparent not only in the prose loose doesn't mind breaking the fourth wall, and in the choice of the protagonists: young people and the problematic” but also from the point of view of the graph. The table is dense in the framed boxes, and captions in which the trait is strongly influenced by the school of humor – his figures are reminiscent of the great Schulz – but of course, that modern sensibility that finds expressive style more common in the animation and in series such as Steven Universe and Gumball.

As always, impeccable care carto-technology volume hardcover with BAO Publishing offers the work in Italy. Translation and adaptation impeccable.

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