Mulan: the first trailer of the live-action


Published on Jul 07, 2019


Continuing the tradition started for years now with different films, Disney has decided to revive one of his masterpieces, animated, Mulan, and adapted into a new live-action films intended for the big screen: finally, published the first trailer.

A guest at the Denver Pop Culture the voice actress of the heroine in the animated version, Ming-Na Wen (the intrepid agent Melinda May in the ABC series Agents of SHIELD) has talked about how the film, even his plot, he breaks the gender stereotypes.

“I believe that Mulan was the first Disney princess, always if we are to consider as such, break the barriers of gender stereotypes. And’ just a girl from a village who becomes a warrior, quite the opposite of the other Disney princesses, considering that is not a damsel in distress, but, rather, comes to save the male character has the turn and, in doing so, she discovers what it's worth and what he's capable of,” explains the actress, “And has also dressed as a boy...I think this is symbolic for the whole community LGBTQ. I think it is great that there is a princess/warrior Disney can overcome different barriers, proving to be simply different aspects of how a woman of flesh and bone may be”.

So many expectations for this new live-action, which promises to be a real hymn to the emancipation of women, a period that is socially difficult (considering, among other things, the strict abortion laws that are taking effect in the different states of the world). Therefore it is inevitable that the production will be carried out with the utmost care, by providing resources important:as confessed previously by the actress Gong Li (who will play one of the bad guys of the movie) Mulan the film will be Disney's most expensive, with over $ 300 million available for its implementation. Given the events of a narrative of history, the funds allocated are more than justified.

This is the first synopsis of diffusion:

“Mulan is the epic adventure of a courageous young woman, who disguises herself as a man to fight the invaders of the north that will attack China. Eldest daughter of a respected warrior, Hua Mulan is awake, lively and determined, and when the Emperor issues a decree that obliges at least one man per family to serve in the imperial army, it answers the call, taking the place of her ailing father. With the name of Hua Jun, will become one of the greatest warriors chinese always.”

The film, directed by Niki Caro, will be in the cast chinese actress Liu Yifei (Mulan), the chinese superstar Donnie Yen (captain Tung, a new character, does not exist in the animated version, and mentor of the protagonist), Jet Li (Emperor of China), Gong Li (a powerful, evil witch), Xana Tang (sister of Mulan, another character exclusive to the live-action) and Yoson An (Chen Honghui, an ambitious military Commander Tung, who will become an ally of Mulan before evolving in its interest is sentimental). As announced, the shooting has officially begun and will take place in various locations of New Zealand, and China. The same Ming-Na Wen could have, in homage to the animated version of the 1998, a cameo in the movie, but currently has not been made clear on such an opportunity

Currently, the output of Mulan is set in the halls for 2020.

Mulan: the first trailer of the live-action is




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