Mr Big, his children are the same to him


Published on Apr 03, 2020


Photo via the web

Chris Noth, better known as Mr. Big fans of “Sex and The City“, has put the world's two exact copies of himself.

Although in the TV series that made him popular all over the world has never expanded the family together with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker, in real life the actor is a dad of two boys, born from the marriage with Tara Wilson, whom he married in 2012.

In the last few hours, the 65-year-old has decided to mostrarceli with a photo posted on Instagram and, as you can see for yourself, your heirs are identical to their dad.

“Two brothers, Orion, and Keats,” wrote the pappy proud on the social.

Keats came into the world just over a month ago, if you missed it, click here to read the rear

Photo: @ Instagram/ Chris Noth




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