Movies to see on Netflix, the Secret Obsession: when love turns into obsession


Published on Aug 17, 2019


You are looking for a movie to watch on Netflix in these days of vacation to enjoy a couple of relaxing hours? Today we speak of a film that was released on Netflix in the month of July 2019. The film, of which we will review, with the plot ( we will tell you up to when you read ) is Secret Obsession. It all starts in a rainy night: a young woman flees from a man that is chasing you. We do not know the reason, or the escape of The benefits Jennifer ends when a machine overturns. From here, the film is full of twists even if the plot, there seems to be quite simple and not too original. It's the classic story of a sick love, a love that became obsession. A love that brings the woman protagonist to be deprived of everything, almost his life itself.

But let's find out some more details on the plot of the film Secret Obsession...

Jennifer is a young very smart girl who finds herself in a hospital bed after losing her memory. The girl was hit by a car but did not know they were fleeing from someone or something. In the hospital came soon after the husband of Jennifer, Russell, who seems to have a thousand attentions for her. Jennifer, however, does not remember their life together, and even the photos of him and the show, seem to open the drawers of memory...In the hospital, Jennifer is moving forward with his rehabilitation while a detective in charge of figuring out what happened on the evening in which the girl is invested, in charge of the investigation and thinks immediately that this is not a simple accident.

Who was the man that was chasing Jennifer the night in which it was invested, by those who fled?

Now, if you do not want to discover the end of the movie, stop reading!

When he returns home, Jennifer realizes that you do not remember, really nothing of this man, even if his memories are very blurry. And looking at the images of the wedding, outputs together, begins to believe that Russell is really the man that she married and for whom he left everything, even to work, going to live in a place totally isolated.

However, everything changes when Jennifer refuses to have sexual relations with Russell, the man, kind and caring turns into a devil. In the meantime, the detective who investigates the incident and discovers the presence of a pickup white the night of the accident. Continues to dig into the life of the family of Jennifer and discovers that the names given to her by her husband does not exist and that even the address left in the hospital is the right one. At the end is the family of Jennifer but the discovery leaves him without words. His parents were killed. Understand, then, that must go to the bottom of this story and goes to the place of work of Jenniffer. Here she discovers the whole truth: it is true that Jennifer is married with Russel Williams, but the man who is now with her is not Russel. The detective discovers that a colleague of work who is called Ryan. And Jennifer realizes that something is very bad and try to escape. Finally, remember: she's married to Russell but it is not the man who stands at his side. And Ryan explains what happened. For two years he was in love with her but was not even noticed. Then came Russell, and she even got married. The night of the accident Ryan came home and he killed Russell. He wanted to kill her, only that she ran away...

Jennifer tries to escape on several occasions but is always stopped by Russell. In the end, however, thanks to the help of the detective manages to shoot his stalker and kills him.

The film is cute but nothing exceptional, to see in the summer, maybe on holiday, when you have the desire to follow the plots too complicated. The history, indeed, large gaps, given that Jennifer immediately understands that the man who says he is her husband there is something wrong ( she has a man buried in the house in front of his balcony but she does not go, not even to see what it is). The detective then investigates alone, does not call in the reinforcements, although he understood to be facing a murderer. All very wishy-washy in fact.

The film does not go beyond sufficiency.

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