Mouse Guard, The Guard of the Mice: the movie squittisce new names

Published on Sep 09, 2017

The film adaptation of Mouse Guard – The Guard Of the Mice may have found a director. Here are the names involved in the project

Mouse Guard (known by the name de La Guardia of the Mice in Italia), is a series of graphic novels written and illustrated by David Petersen, which tells the story of the " medieval intent to protect the kingdom and their lives; and that has also given rise to a GDR and other derivative works.

Last year, Gary Whitta, the screenwriter of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars Rebels, had been hired to make the script of a possible film adaptation of the mice warriors, and today, the project finally seems to march towards the pre-production.

As reported by Deadline, Wes Ball, the director of the movie of Maze Runner, it would be among the favorites to adapt to the cinema, Mouse Guard; that it will not be, properly speaking, a definitive choice, but it is already a good step towards the realization of the film.

Matt Reeves, which now focuses on the new Batman movies, will produce the adaptation, which will be made in performance capture as well as her latest film, The War – The Planet of the Apes (and there are already those who, of course, talking about Andy Serkis as possible to the mouse-actor).

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Source: Deadline

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