Mourning for Adriana Volpe: after the abandonment of the GF VIP the sick relative would be dead


Published on Mar 21, 2020


The news was given from all the information sites this night and take it there and then for good after due verification, telling you also that, at the moment, Adriana Volpe and her husband have not yet commented on what happened. To give the news of the death of the father-in-law of Adriana Volpe, however, there are also several sites in switzerland, which are reminiscent of the entrepreneur for everything he made in his career.

The presenter then has had time to leave the house of the GF VIP to stay at the side of her husband and of her child in this difficult time.

He died at the age of 76 years, Ernesto Speak, the father of the husband of the now former contestant of the reality show of Channel 5.

The man, known in the sports world for being the president of FC Chiasso, from 1976 to 1982, where he play the great champion Josè Altafini, it is off in the afternoon of Friday, march 20. His name is unfortunately among the 627 victims of the Coronavirus detected in the last 24 hours in Italy ( even if they are many to say that the man he was in Switzerland).

The news, as we said, was also beaten in Switzerland, on the RDI website reads:

It is off at the age of 76 years, Ernesto Parli, who was president of the commotion from 1976 to 1982. Under his leadership, the momò gained a promotion to the highest swiss championship at the end of the season 1977-78. Talk is also remembered for having brought in the ball to players of the calibre of José Altafini, Otto Luttrop, Mario Prosperi, Rosario Martinelli and Renato Cappellini.

From the Corriere del Ticino, that among the first gave the news:

"Thanks to his initiative – law on the club's website – he was able to bring on the stage of the Riva IV illustrious names, such as José Altafini. In 1978, the grifoni, coached by Otto Luttrop, came in the semi-finals of the Swiss Cup, where they were undeservedly defeated by the Handmaids, and were promoted in the then National League A. The following season, the noise became the protagonist of the acquisition of Franco Cucinotta, one of the most wanted strikers in the premier class of the swiss. The goal was to play a role of first plan in the top league in switzerland. Some injuries tarparono the wings to the team of the border, which ended the year in eighth position,"

To the family of Adriana Volpe our deepest condolences.

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