Motta and Nada win the evening duets of Sanremo 2019


Published on Feb 09, 2019


Incredible shot of the scene in the course of the evening of 8 February the Festival of Sanremo 2019: the evening of Friday, dedicated to duets with a guest. All twenty-four singers in the competition have re-purposed the song in the race with the accompaniment of artists of all kinds (singers, musicians and/or dancers). But, among the caravans of the sons of the talent show, the senators of the Festival and songs up-tempo, triumph was the coupled compound from Nada and Motta.

The jury of honour has decreed he is the winner of the Sanremo Festival in 2019. The members of the jury were the following: Ferzan Ozpetek, Camila Raznovich, Claudia Pandolfi, Elena Sofia Ricci, Beppe Severgnini, Joe Bastianich and Serena Dandini.

But which song has triumphed in this evening of duets? To win is, “Where is Italy” on the single, Motta played in this special edition with Nada. The song was performed in a manner enough pillowcases to the original, but embellished for the first time by a female voice.

The proclamation took place during the credits of the fourth evening of Sanremo 2019: Claudio Baglioni announced the verdict by to deliver the special statuette from the president of the region of Liguria, Giovanni Toti.

I would love to know one-to-one the same jerks that whistled and screamed in disjointed sentences against the talented Motta and Nada. Do greatly disgust, the tawny-stupid. #sanremo2019

— Gisella Ruccia (@gisellaruccia) February 9, 2019

The verdict obviously should not be gone down to many. In addition to the great astonishment on the social, even the audience in the Ariston Theatre reacted in a way that is broken: the names of Motta, and Nada, some of the spectators in the hall have whistled to the two artists on stage.

A gesture to be rude, which, fortunately, was sedated after a few seconds. But now the dispute had been made and it is impossible to delete it. Among the other duos worthy of note made in the course of this evening, we can not forget the pair Arisa – Tony Hadley, and the pair Loredana Bertè – Irene Grandi.

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