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Published on Mar 31, 2019


The publishing division Young Animal of the DC, created by Gerard Way, offers a series supereroiche characterized by atmospheres for adult and mature, and from the designs of setting india. In practice, it acts as a middle ground between the mainstream production of the publishing house and the Vertigo. To be honest, this line has been a great success but there is no shortage of interesting work, and between them a place of honor it deserves on Mother Panic.

The comic-book, written by Jody Houser, is focused on a new vigilante of Gotham City called, Mother Panics. His real name is Violet Paige. ’ A girl belonging to a rich family gothamita, is bisexual and has suffered trauma terrible. The little girl is, in fact, grown, after the death of his father, to Gather House, a college which held a secret heinous experiments on children. The purpose of the leaders of the Gather House was to create assassins that could then be used by unscrupulous people.

Following these experiments, the soul of Carrie was shattered but got a big capacity thanks to cybernetic implants that make it nothing short of dangerous. But was shot by his executioners, and, after having assumed the identity of the Mother Panic, she decided to fight the crime of Gotham City. In fact, if the takes with the world of the rich and depraved that they abuse, both in a physical sense, both in the psychological sense, of children. The writer Jody Houser has dealt with a very topical subject, denouncing in such a way net a plague, unfortunately, frighteningly real.

In this second volume that includes the nn. 7-12 of the cylinder head to original the knots come to the comb. The writer reveals the truth about the so far mysterious murder of the father of Violet, which, however, is shocking, and outlines the portrait of a society perverted and sick serial killers, psychopaths and members of the high bourgeoisie, with several deviations from the hide. The presence of children is a constant and and are the real victims of the ruthless crushing of the weak and the helpless.

Jody Houser writes great stories, characterized by a good narrative pace, and insists on dark atmospheres and claustrophobic. Conceives of texts and dialogues, intense and carries out an accurate psychological analysis of a heroine tormented and non-trivial. A nod, however, the eye also to the typical fan of superheroes through the brief but incisive presence of Batman.

Some of the episodes are illustrated by the great John Paul Leon has a style that is dark and suggestive, embellished with elegant play of light and shadow, perfect for a series with dark tones like this. Others are drawn by Shawn Crystal that has a stretch too cartoon-like and ungainly, a little appropriate for the comic-book, and that, unfortunately, lowers a bit the quality level of the volume.

With these episodes ends the Mother Panic, and must specify that the events of the character go into crossover Milk Wars, which involves Violet and the other characters, the Young Animal struggling with various DC heroes. The next volume will begin to propose, instead, the new series entitled Gotham A. D., In the volume there are also the final chapters of the back-up story Radio Gotham, written by Jim Krueger and drawn by Phil Hester, focused on the vicissitudes of a few individuals who try to stop a serial killer who is sowing terror in the city of the Dark Knight.

In short, those who still do not know the Mother Panic should approach this series. Will not remain indifferent.


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