Mother of 4 children, builds a home alone, with the help of the tutorials on Youtube. His story becomes a book

Published on Jan 17, 2017

He built a house alone, with the help of the tutorial on Youtube: this is the company of Cara Brookins, a mother of four children, a native of Arkansas, who has created from nothing something extraordinary just to try to make it. After two abusive relationships, and after being persecuted by a man with mental problems, my Dear, he want revenge, to rebuild herself and her family. With courage and determination, she succeeded in her intent and she has told her story in the book "Rise, How A House Built In the Family, out on 24 January.

It all began in 2007: then his sons were 17, 15, 11 and 2 years. After the umpteenth violent relationship, the family had moved into a small apartment in Arkansas: "Dear, destroyed emotionally, he wondered continuously how to recover from that situation, as to be able to return to dream, how to teach her children to have self-esteem, and how to keep them safe. Until a home destroyed by a tornado, spotted by chance on the side of the road, has not provided the answer. "You saw the foundations - he says - I began to think: and if we could build one of our own, by yourself?".

From then on, with a loan from the bank, Cara has purchased more than 150 thousand dollars of materials. Since hiring a team seemed too expensive, the mother has thought to engage in first-person and to entrust tasks to their children. But like building a house without any experience? Thanks to Youtube and the tutorial: "At the time - tells Cara - there were so many around. It looked at least three or four for each phase of the work, and then we chose the ones that went to our case".

For months, the family has worked intensely in the house, with toil and sweat. "We suffered a lot. It was not something for which we were cut. My children went to school while I was working there and then I arrived here, sometimes staying up the night to help me. It was incredibly intense. There were no holidays, there was no rest". But now they live in the same house that they built with their own hands: "I Know who will not say never: 'are Not able' or 'can't' because they have had the proof of being able to do everything," said the mother.

In short, the family has rebuilt building physically a home, it is output from a nightmare building a dream: "Forget everything you say about small steps," he added, as Dear in an interview to the CBS News -. They all say: 'If you make a small step each day, you're better'. But, according to my experience, it is not so. You have to make a big step. Must be an act of enormous, immense. For us it was to build a house. For someone else it could be something totally different. But there is a need to do something really big if you want to change the perception of yourself."


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