Morning 5 pause: Federica Panicucci and Francesco Vecchi make the Christmas wishes, and come back in 2020


Published on Dec 13, 2019


Last bet of the year for Morning 5, the program hosted by Federica Panicucci, and Francis Old, in fact, stops. The two conductors of the Morning 5 greeted the audience with the episode of 13 December 2019, giving the appointment to 7 January 2020 when it will broadcast after the holidays! A longer break for Morning 5 that, unlike the Afternoon 5, will be aired a week less! Federica and Francesco Vecchi have therefore chosen to do all the best to all the audience who has followed the program in this first part of the season. Great plays from September to today Morning 5 program that records really numbers excellent, even managing at times to beat the competition on Rai 1 with a tough to beat as the Italian Stories.

The two conductors this morning, along with all of the people who work at the program, they wanted to greet the audience and do the Christmas wishes.

Federica Panicucci and Francis Old have therefore taken advantage of this moment in the style of christmas to thank and show all the people who work at the program: from the journalists to the sent through their hair and makeup. Not only that, in today's episode in the study also directors of Mediaset, directors of Publitalia with the demonstration of the fact that the Morning 5 is a program reference point for Mediaset, and for the flagship network.

The biggest thanks goes of course to the audience at home that always follows with passion and affection the program of Channel 5. And among others to cheer for Federica also his buddy Marco Basins, with whom, according to the latest gossip, would soon tie the knot wedding!

For Federica, there will not be a real holiday. The Panicucci, in fact, gives appointment to all the public to 24 December 2019, with the Christmas concert. Then there will also be new year's day 5 live from Bari, always entrusted the conduct of Federica.

Instead of the Morning of 5 , from 16 December 2019, will broadcast a film, and to follow the Forum Christmas.

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