Morgan walking around on the scooter thinking of Sanremo


Published on Mar 16, 2020


The italians are in a quarantine to force the hashtag #iorestoacasa because the tornado Coronavirus should be defeated. And should be done together. To brighten the days of seclusion strained, many are choosing to use the only place where you can take a little air. The balcony.

Started the flash mob music throughout the peninsula, in all the cities. At 18 every evening, the italians come together and dance and sing on the balcony of the Italian successes, the most significant, such as Blue, rather than the latest songs, but full of meaning appropriate for this period, such as “Make Noise” Diodato.

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For some time, however, has become a viral video. Morgan, who rides around in a scooter on the streets of the city, is spotted and stopped by the two girls at the window. The latter, for the impress of it in front, or better to say, to see him under the house, the offer to participate in the flash mob planned for the same evening at 18, advising him to take and use a tool.

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Morgan agrees and says: “let's Do this. The bad intentions the rudeness...”, making reference to the text alternative of the truthful song so much talk of the last Festival of Sanremo. For those who missed if it were (almost impossible), Morgan has altered the text of the song in the race to punish his colleague Bugo. The latter, humiliated, leaves the stage of the Ariston. It is immediate disqualification for the duo, which as of today still has not found peace.

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