Morgan still attacks Bugo and Asia Argento says that...


Published on Apr 25, 2020


Morgan and Bugo, the ‘attacker’ still attacks the singer with which went to the last controversial Festival of Sanremo, and has harshly criticized on the Ariston stage, live, with the scene that ended in the way that we all know: with Bugo that collects the sheets from the piano and goes away leaving the competition.

To Live Life as the guest of Lorella Cuccarini confirms his behavior: “First of all, Amadeus was a great, from my point of view. It is found in an absurd situation and has managed it well. In the end he realized that it was fun, I did it for him. Sure I'd do it again. I was sincere and when a person is sincere would do it again immediately. I had the need to understand at this guy, Bugo, who was not behaving well with me. Not wanted to understand, and I made it on stage.”

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No reverse gear on the case, therefore, that while there is a reversal of course with regard to her private life after it is born Maria the Echo, his third daughter: “I Want to ripulirmi from everything that is not going well – told – I decided to tackle a total renovation, to always. Then everything that was bad habits, bad experiences, automedicazioni, Monday will be removed. This is the only great education in this solitude. I have found with myself, and I saw that it was not right”.

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Morgan and Bugo in the more the daughter just born, missing someone, according to you? Yes, Asia Argento, the former partner from whom he had his daughter Anna Lou. The daughter of the great filmmaker Morgan says: “What I would say to Mark's younger? The I would say.... the eye of Asia”.

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