Morgan: “I Now live surrounded by insects”


Published on Sep 11, 2019


Morgan has definto “rape” eviction from his home

Adds new elements to the story, “housing” the singer-songwriter Morgan. The Milan court had sanctioned the seizure of his house, which was recently sold at auction for a price much lower than its real value. Morgan started for months, his personal battle with no save no one, by his colleagues, such as Vasco Rossi and Ligabue, guilty of not having helped him, his ex-girlfriend Asia Argento.

An appeal dramatic for the daughters: “This house is not only my but also my heirs, they are doing not miss the roof of my daughters. I never neglected my daughters, I have been compromised. My daughters want to stay with me, just ask them. I accepted any amount for the payment of maintenance because I made good money”. The only vip intervened to rescue her, was Vittorio Sgarbi. The well-known art critic, has offered the singer a house in Sutri, a town which Sgarbi is the mayor.

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But now the situation is critical, even more than before. After 3 months from the eviction, Morgan does not forget. The radio broadcast “the moody blues”, said: “it was like a rape. The house is the most important thing that you have”. Now I live in a closet at Milan, surrounded by the insects. I'm not working. I don't do nothing more while before I was doing a lot of things”.

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“I'm very bad, one does not think, but the home is that place that when you are cold go to make reparation to you. For all of you.” Now, Morgan lives in Milan, in the district of Chinatown. A very good to reflect on the future of his life. The life of the star is not always roses and flowers.

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