Morgan breaks the silence on the scandal of Jimmy Bennett: “Asia Argento has

Published on Sep 25, 2018

The ex-husband of Asia Argento, Morgan, has finally told his on the question of Jimmy Bennett and it's not

Morgan never wanted to declare anything about the matter Asia Argento, Jimmy Bennett. But now russians have a point to this whole question.

Asia Argento and scandal Jimmy Bennett has made headlines around the world. Morgan, the ex-husband of the actress has finally decided to tell her, but still trying to stay out of it. It's been too many years with the actress to be completely indifferent. He said to her but only to work itself out. For the first time I speak after the scandal.

The ex-husband of Asia, accused by the actor Jimmy Bennett you took advantage sexually of him, and, in addition, they have bought his silence, had not yet spoken up to now of the scandal.

Morgan, he took advantage of the press conference of presentation of the Premio Tenco 2018, said its taken away from the case:

"I would not like to enter into the topic for two reasons. One, I cocks his. Two, for the matter of parenting: I want to keep me away from this chatter. And then there is also a third reason. When you are involved or have been romantically involved you have to have respect for them. The respect to be called" I love you", not because now there is something, but compared to a feeling that there was makes me avoid talking about certain topics."

Words that should serve to put a point on a matter that you are too discussing both Tv and in the newspapers. We hope that soon justice finally puts the dots on the i and to clarify the responsibilities of the parties.

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