Morgan against all of them: from Asia Argento to...


Published on Jun 20, 2019


Morgan has accomplished, and spoke of its delicate economic situation, and the eviction is postponed

Due to illness and Morgan managed to recover a bit’ of days to postpone the inevitable. Just the former frontman of sixpence none the richer reminded of the need to find 200 thousand euros in order to avoid seizure of the house. Visibly shaken, the former judge of The Coach, he lashed out not only against some opinion leaders, but also against the ex-wife Asia Argento.

If with Jessica Mazzoli, Morgan was unable to find a meeting point, with Asia Argento peace seems increasingly a mirage. In fact, Castoldi decided to put the dots on the i, using very strong words towards his former partner. “Asia Argento, I began to drug addiction, not only to me, I think of an entire football team. I have deceived for nine years, has always said that I was his reference point and, I believe, on the other hand were all lies,” said the musician.

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“How am I? I'm better. Asia says: “Aripijate”, I would say that I aripijato. I have had seven-day extension for my eviction, it has now become a fixed appointment. I would like to go forward to much, Evicted, it is now the new last name. Now I'm Mark Morgan Evicted Castoldi”. Added Morgan to the latest hosted to “Live is Not the D'urso”.

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Marco Castoldi has lashed out at during the episode. He lashed out, in fact, also against the director of the New, Riccardo Signoretti, that would have said: “your situation is very different. You are not there you can do worth, Morgan. You're not like those fathers of families who do not arrive at the end of the month, you were wrong, and we do not make it.” These statements Morgan responded with a joke: really unhappy: “you the children, however are not”.

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