Montecitorio: bursts the case of the board, revealed in a secret ballot. Pd: “the Reform of the electoral law is dead”

Published on Jun 08, 2017

(ANSA) As if that was not enough the supply voltage for the emendento to the electoral law approved against the opinion of the rapporteur of the majority, and the Room explodes with the case of the display board light that shows the results of the votes. In secret votes, as was that of the amendment complained of, the board, show the voters, but with a light blue the same for all, and not with the light green or red depending on whether yes or no. But this time, as you can see in the photo, the gameboard shows the choices of individual members of parliament. The Immediate protests of the deputies, who are aware of the incident, the voting is repeated, this time in the correct terms. But a brawl breaks out anyway. Montecitorio: bursts the case of the board, revealed in a secret ballot. Pd: “the Reform of the electoral law is dead.” To sing the de profundis of the change of the voting system was the rapporteur of the measure, Emanuele Fiano, after a morning hectic with the franks shooters in action and in fact sunk the measure by voting in a different manner with respect to the ‘pact to the " four Pd-Fi-M5s-League. Derives from an exchange of accusations with so much of the ‘photo proof’ on the part of the Pd because it is in offending in a secret ballot it appears the board clear by creating an additional yellow. “The M5S is voted with a compact design,” said Roberto Fico. Not think so the Dem that called an answering machine.”We clear the operation of the M5s – says the leader of the Dem Ettore Rosato – who wanted to derail the electoral law. We take note, it was enough for him to say immediately that they are not able to keep his word. On the blog they said that the law was good and instead have made it fall on a thing that has nothing to do”. Now, says Rose, the Pd will make a “political assessment and institutional after that we will take our decisions”. “The electoral law is dead” declares, in Montecitorio, the rapporteur of the electoral reform Emanuele Fiano (Pd). The M5S AND THE ‘MOVIE OF the VOTE – The day begins with the five stars Movement, that is to know that in some way will make clear the right to vote in the ballots secret, to prove their loyalty. The deputies M5S, as we know, filmeranno in the Classroom, taking up the time in which each exponent, press the button in the pews of the Meeting – their votes by secret ballot. A choice that goes against the rules. But Laura Boldrini appeals to the “responsibilities of individual members,” why don't video their vote secret and not disclose, as announced by the M5S. “Everyone will assume its responsibility”, he cautions. THE VOTE OF the AMENDMENT to FI – An amendment of the electoral law goes against the contrary opinion of the commission. From the benches of the M5S shouting “Freedom, freedom”. The franks shooters are entered in the action. THE YELLOW OF the BOARD – The vote on the amendment “indicted” to the electoral law approved in the Classroom of the Room and against the opinion of the commission triggered the “yellow” of the board. These are the facts: the president Boldrini table of contents vote by specifying that it is by secret ballot. But on the board instead of popping the balls all blue, as in the case of secret ballots, sprout balls of red and green, as is the case for those that are obvious. You can see the votes on the counters of the Pd and Fi. We realize the inconvenience, Boldrini asked to fix that and the balls become blue. But the protests do not subside. And Maximum Corsair asks, “that the one responsible for this is removed”. THE EXCHANGE OF ACCUSATIONS – “Today, the M5S has demonstrated that its word is not worth anything”. He has said in the house Chamber, the president of the deputies, Pd Ettore Rosato has passed after an amendment to the electoral law, by secret ballot, against the opinion of the commission. “The electoral law should be made”, warns, condemning the franks shooters and asking for a suspension of the session. Bag: Milan accelerates after a stop to the electoral law – Driven by the banks, Square Business grows 1.6% in the 21.066 points, doing better than other european markets, however, are being strengthened. The list of the milanese began to speed up around noon, when Parliament began to take shape in the stop to the electoral law, with the consequent removal of the prospect of early elections.

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