Monster Hunter: World – The new video shows a dragon and the creation of the character


Published on Sep 25, 2017


Exploration of an open world, creating objects and tools, character customization and much more is shown in the new video dedicated to the Monster Hunter World, which you can find at the bottom of this article. Players can customize only the appearance of the character they create, but they can also do it for Palico, the companion cat of a player!

At the beginning of this extended video, you will see the sequence of kinematics, initial, designed to introduce fans to the elaborate narrative of this title, in which you can fight body to body against a multitude of enemies, and in spectacular locations, that you can see in the video.

If instead you're simply curious to see a dragon, then you can go directly to minute 36 about, to admire a clash between the protagonist and Nergigante.

In the video you will also see how to prepare the food, thanks to the skills that players can acquire as you progress through the story. Finally, this extended video dedicated to Monster Hunter: World:

Monster Hunter: World will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and its release is scheduled for 2018.

Source: CB.

Monster Hunter: World – The new video shows a dragon and the character creation is




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