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Published on Dec 19, 2018


Mauro Boselli, a great lover of the history of the United States, and curator and writer of the Tex, now knows how to tell the wild lands of America with a level of detail and craftsmanship unparalleled in the industry. The Mohawk River is the volume which shows in an edition of the merit to a story already published by Sergio Bonelli editore (Publisher) a few years ago in the series “special Stories”.

The duo composed by Mauro Boselli and Angelo Stano (author of drawings) is a piece of history of the SBE continues to have a path of becoming, and which refers to two historical characters of the publishing house via Buonarroti: Tex and Dylan Dog. But in the Mohawk River, the two historic cartoonists meet on neutral ground (which is certainly more familiar to Mauro Boselli) in which they are able to pull out all their skill.

The Mohawk River is the story of Riley, a Black, an indian warrior who, in 1755, in an area near New York city, finds himself helping the young Daniel Chapman to try to free the little brother and sister, Ebbie, both kidnapped from the tribe of the Abenaki. In the background of this story is told in the war between the French and the English in the lands of the colonial. The same native tribes shall set themselves in array with an army or with another, creating a mix of sides that will make the most difference of origins and descent, but which has in common the desire to overpower the other faction, and conquer territories.

To mark the change of pace will be the love between Ebbie and the light French Alain Rivière, a sentiment that crosses the line, and that will lead to each protagonist's character to scardinarsi from his role.

Mauro Boselli is skilled in being able to tell a story of love and war within a historical context that is not easy to describe how the French and indian war. The same author speaks in the preface to the comics of the land of dreams and stories, which is the America of the Frontier. Some of the greatest stories of the genre (mainly western and adventure) are set in that territory, in the period between the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth century. The conquest of the territory, the struggles and the adventures of men on the hunt for something new and elusive is the basis of the genres of western and adventure, and the era of the United States Border is perhaps the emblem most these stories.

Mauro Boselli has managed the not easy feat of telling a story and dropped in a period well-defined by the need to describe and tell readers more inexperienced, but by entering the characters well characterized, able to convey empathy. The charisma of the charming and valiant lieutenant Alain Rivière, that of the sadistic and naughty Black Bandage, as well as the presence of the Black Crow Riley Black make all the difference. The story told by Boselli alternating his rhythm between moments is useful to understand the historical context, and the scenes most relevant to the narrative level, that converge towards a final dizzying, in which is contained the essence of the Mohawk River.

Despite hundreds of thousands of men have fought to conquer territories and create the boundaries in the America of the Frontier, the essence of those lands is the search for freedom and his own way of being. And the protagonists of this story they will eventually achieve this goal.

The designer historic emblem of the comics of Dylan Dog, Angelo Stano, engages, instead, on a territory which was less practiced, and still managed to characterize the environment and the characters portrayed. His style of authorship (that was to become iconic in the comics dedicated to the Investigator of Nightmare) in the Mohawk River, freeing itself from the iconic image that is usually associated to get it put in the game on a different soil, and depicting it for what it is: a designer of expressive, dynamic, and able to tell a story, a life, an experience only through the expression of a character. And this is real art.

He has done more than well with Sergio Bonelli Editore to offer a volume of quality this special of the series “The Stories”, thus giving a new showcase for a comic that embodies in full the artistic value and the potential for authorial that this publishing house has. Put together two superstars such as Boselli and Are is itself a synonym of quality, that becomes pure art for all lovers of those stories of an America of the Frontier that we will never stop loving.

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