Modena Nerd: 15 & 16 September with Cristina D'avena


Published on Sep 09, 2018


Back to Modena Nerd who brings to the stage the principal characters of nerd culture. More than 70 Italian and international authors, including the designer of Dylan Dog Gigi Cavenago and the authors of Star Wars and Spider-Man, who will teach the techniques of drawing. An interactive game room of 300 stations where you can challenge each other to video games of yesterday and today, the great return of the wrestling and the youtuber the more loved. It closes with the show of the voice, the queen of cartoons Cristina D'avena.

Deep roots in the past, eye on the future, from the comic books and video games historical to the protagonists of the next few years. All in one single event: Modena Nerd. The festival that celebrates and revives the nerd culture in all its aspects comes back on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September at the exhibition centre of modena, with a third edition under the slogan “more of the same”: more comics, video games, youtuber, guests, theme areas, tournaments, events, initiatives, music shows. In short, more fun and a lot of news.

From the concert of the voice, the queen of cartoons Cristina D'avena to the most talented designers of the Italian and international scene. Nic Klein, Yıldıray Cinar, David Lafuente, Nicola Mari, Marco Checchetto, Gigi Cavenago, and many other cartoonists go to form one of the artists’ alley the most great of our country: more than 70 authors, ready to meet fans in search of a sketch, an autograph, or a simple greeting. Careful to all the facets of the culture “nerds” and “digital”, the exhibition of modena is home to the youtuber the most-watched (Cartoons Dead, Jack Noble, Dario Moccia), and a huge games room with more than 300 stations where you can compete in exclusive tournaments, or simply to find videogames that have made the history of this area.

The engines of the various stables that animate Modena Nerds are already turned on in view of two days of absolute fun: adults and children, runners of videogames or devourers of comics, experts and neophytes, enthusiasts or the merely curious, it makes no difference. Modena Nerd promises to engage and amaze everyone, starting from the assumption that – say the organizers – “there is a hint of nerd in each of us”.

And so, between the stands of the main cases, the publishing industry, the city of bricks created by the best Italian manufacturers, and the tables of the designers most well-known, parades, cosplay and more colored, the gadget the most original, the cartoons, the most imaginative, and the star of the web to follow, here is one of the great innovations of the third edition, the show that perhaps more than any other has marked the tv schedules between the Eighties and the Nineties: the wrestling. A unique event of its kind – by NOW Entertainment REVENTS – that in the context of the “Lair of the Tigers ' reserve two days of shows non-stop, with a ring animated by the wrestlers more skilled and from the meetings more spectacular.

One of the themes chosen this year by the organizers, is precisely that of the Eighties, which will bind a series of initiatives and events, while for the more children – in addition to the immense games room (from 0 to 100 years – it will be possible to take part in the “baptism of the pencil”, with the laboratories of the comics of Star Wars and Spider-Man will teach the secret techniques of drawing.

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