Mode “Portrait” of the iPhone 7 Plus: we have all experienced it!


Published on Sep 22, 2016


With the iOS 10.1 Apple will introduce the long-awaited mode “Portrait” on the iPhone 7 Plus. This is the second exclusive function, side camera, which we find on the largest model, the iPhone 7, and that appears to be absent on the smaller. We tried it for you and to follow we bring you some shots from the demonstration and also a video that explains how to use this new function.

You should immediately a premise: iOS 10.1 is in beta, and with it also the “Portrait” that are now active inside the Camera app. We do not know if Apple will launch this new in beta (a little bit like it was for Siri and Apple's Music), or if the beta testing period will end with the iOS 10.1. In each case, that the results are already very good, sure you can do even better. But we move on to the operation, and especially to the shots obtained on the iPhone 7 Plus with a mode “Portrait”.

As you can see from the demonstration that follows, with the iOS 10.1 is adding a new option to the camera of iPhone 7 Plus, which can be activated by scrolling between the available options. Once in a mode “Portrait” you will not be able to use the zoom (both optical and digital), and we will be invited to position ourselves at an adequate distance from the subject to allow the blur effect. Apple recommends that you leave about two and a half meters, but in our tests, the focus has also been achieved with the subjects closer together. Don't get too close though, otherwise the blur will disappear and you will be taken to be a normal picture. Shooting will normally be captured in two photos: a “standard”, with the focus due to the lens, and the other with the focus “emphasized” that you get your shooting in this mode.

Here are some shots test. The first, for each of the photos, it is always the “standard” one; the second is the one in which it enters the action mode is “Portrait” of the iPhone 7 Plus. As you can see, the difference in terms of focus is remarkable. Despite the function it was designed for portraits, and then to capture subjects, this can be extended to the objects, provided that they are not too small or have “pieces” on different floors. In this case, the iPhone 7 Plus will be not a little in difficulty, and the results will make you smile.

On the subject, the blur effect is really very precise and the picture changes radically, becoming far more similar to one taken with a digital camera equipped with a lens with a good opening.

The best results and the most credible, as I said, you get by positioning themselves at a distance of about 2.5 m from the subject. In this way the phone manages to better establish the distances of the various fields and to handle accordingly the blur effect.

With due precautions, however, the effect of “Portrait” works great even if immortalized non-human, as in this case. The flower was blurred as well, and the depth effect is quite credible.

Also in this case, despite the “subject to” black " (black is not a color most loved by the cameras), the iPhone 7 Plus managed to establish with accuracy the depth-of-field, and from which point in then begin the blur. The focus will not be pronunciatissimo, but there is and appreciate.

Already here you start to notice some problems. Look, in the second pic, the bark, which is blurred in a way that is not necessary (and indeed annoying).

Here we smile, but before doing so we remind once again that the mode “Portrait” of the iPhone 7 Plus was born for portraits and not for the macro blurry. With objects which are particularly small the result, for now, is what follows. Better take a good picture without the mode “Portrait”, then!

The following are other examples in which the new function was tested in the absence of human faces. The results, in spite of some “smear” blur (that will hopefully be corrected before the public release) are pretty good.

In short, a great feature for taking pictures of subjects and to enrich them with that artistic touch that up to now was possible only with digital cameras. All without losing detail and the end effect is truly amazing.

What do you think of this new feature of the Camera app of the iPhone 7 Plus?

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