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Published on Nov 17, 2017


Without any particular fanfare, Disney Italia and Panini Comics have launched the new series from newsstand titled The Parodies Collection, a bi-monthly, as it is easy to guess from the name, will again present the best parodies of literature and cinema reinterpreted in a sauce disney at an affordable price.

Needless to remark on the goodness of the parodies and their importance, especially for my generation that grew up in the horse between years ’80 and ’90 – and for this I refer you to the review of the volume deluxe of Metopolis that you can find here.

The first parody choice then to inaugurate the series is a great classic of literature: Moby Dick.

It's up to Francesco Artibani re-read in the key of disney the masterpiece of Melville's. The writer decides, however, to follow faithfully the original material and, in the first part of the register, our view will be that of Ishmael – interpreted by a willing how inexperienced Donald duck – which will also be responsible for the task of digging into the past of the fearsome Captain Quachab or an Uncle Scrooge ever so grumpy and perpetually frowning.

This first part is also the one that suffers most of the influence disney-like: the tone, in fact, is almost lighthearted with many jokes that the protagonist Donald duck and the 3 pesky illegal immigrants that is Here, Quo and Qua, version of the princes natives of the solomon of Kovolovo.

With the appearance in scene of Quachab for the tone of the story begins to change and soon discover why the unyielding captain is in search of the white whale.

The second part is undoubtedly the best of the album, not only because the narrative becomes more rhythmic, thanks to some well-aimed action sequences but also because Artibani begins to deal with the ones that are the fundamental themes of the original work: here the sea becomes a dangerous place, unknown and unexplored, while the giant sperm whale becomes the symbol of the Absolute-that is, that something you search for but do not know exactly what it is: an adventure, a treasure or a dream?

In this sense, without going to the morbidity prude that pervades the original work, the author manages very well to adapt the themes and re-read them in a way that was “universal” for that very young audience that remains the primary target of "Mickey mouse" on which this story appeared originally – in number 3003 for accuracy.

Part graphics by Paolo Mottura, whose stretch plastic well suited to the story. The designer obviously is enhanced in the scenes of action in which it succeeds very well at falling into the midst of the fury of the waves thanks to a dynamism found in a table structure that alternates between a classical schemes and solutions for the wide screen by playing with shots at long range or from unusual angles, and abandoning herself to a few, unusual for a Disney comic, the splash-page from the immediate impact.

Also worth noting the excellent work done to the colors by Mirka Andolfo that fit your pallet, in a timely manner following the evolution of the story, then passing by the brighter shades and use of light more brilliant shades more and more brown leaning toward a dark blue, which emphasizes the evolution of the drama of the story before the inevitable final positive.

Really excellent care editorial: the necklace is presented in a slender column with coated paper and thick enriched a few but precise historical notes about the work and about the Parodies in general, but also on the authors involved. The format is basically that of a comic book, but larger, format that still manages that very well to give prominence to the graphics part.

The combination of Panini/Disney will once again award-winning editorial initiatives like this that aim to enlarge the basin of readers, especially among those who, for lack of time or reasons personal “snub”, the classic Mickey mouse but still remain fascinated by the ductility with you can re-read a story when the protagonists become the Disney characters.

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