Mobile Internet, the point of the situation


Published on May 20, 2017

Advertisement has carried out a study on the Mobile Internet, by analyzing the price and composition of the rates offered for the only one browsing from a mobile device. Here are all the details.


In 2017 increase the GB in offers only Mobile Internet, with 11 GB at a cost of 13,2 euro. This average relates to all offers to sell by 2015 today to receive data traffic from smartphones, PCS, tablets, and other devices. The study also shows that, to decrease the most is the interest in the internet key, they lost in a year, 22.2% of searches on the comparator of offers for mobile Internet.

Also, the world of tenders for browse the mobility offers many rates to use only the data traffic, without necessarily having to turn on an option that calls and SMS, maybe only usable by smartphones.

Cost offers Internet mobile

From 2015, a periodic fee as an average of the packages for only mobile traffic, that can be spent on internet sticks, Pc, tablet, or smartphone remained practically unchanged at 13 euros, even if, nowadays, you can get multiple Gigs of traffic compared to the previous two years.

In 2015, you could get an average of 8.1 Gigabytes of traffic by paying to the 12,8 euro; the following year the expenditure was 13.4 euro for almost 9 Gigs of mobile browsing. This year detects an increase, by 2015, the available traffic of more than 35%: the Jig included in the offers, on average, are 11, while the periodic fee is increased by just 3% to reach 13.2 euros.

As far as the prices for the Internet Key, Tablet and Smartphone., the data are summarized in the table and give an estimate on the use of the traffic data that you buy with offers only Mobile Internet.

In practice, we note that the use of tariffs only mobile internet is generally decreasing: by 2016, in fact, the demands of these rates are down 18.4%. In both the years analysed, more than 50% of users of has sought rates for Internet sticks. These devices, therefore, still remain the most popular among consumers looking for an offer with only data traffic. However, this is changing: compared with 2016, there was a decline in research rate from turn on Internet key 22.2%.

Also search for exclusive rates dedicated to the tablet, they lost interest, with 28% of the comparisons. Less demand, the rates the Mobile Internet for smartphones, which indicates that, very probably, for this purpose, the users prefer to activate directly all-inclusive packages with calls, SMS and data traffic. In particular, only 19% of the searches in 2017 relates to the rates that the mobile Internet for smartphones and, compared to last year, these searches declined by 8.7%.

For users who still use the smartphone to make calls and send SMS, it may be more advantageous to subscribe to an offer of this type, especially if the 5 Gig per month would be sufficient because you use other technologies to navigate during most of the time (ADSL, optical fiber, etc.).

The consumers that, instead, they communicate almost exclusively via the mobile Internet, perhaps by replacing SMS and calls with instant messaging services such as WhatsApp and the like, might find a greater convenience in the offers only data: almost the same price you have more than the double of the Giga.

To discover the best offer for your needs performs a test on the comparator online.


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