Mobile Gaming: a test of Gizmodo puts iOS and Android comparison


Published on Apr 17, 2016


Gizmodo has created a series of test that is rather interesting about the potential of the game on a smartphone. They have tested the performance of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone IF, together with those of Galaxy S7, LG G5 and HTC 10.

The new Galaxy S7 and the new HTC 10 are, certainly, two of the best Android devices on the market, even if, in gaming, are not so efficient, at least according to Alex Cranz of Gizmodo.

The test involved the device listed first and they put in evidence the differences in the performance during the use of the games. Of course the tests are always taken with the tongs as they will not provide a complete picture of the situation and are influenced by several variables, as we have said many times. In any case, this specific test has compared the device using GameBench, the tool head FPS, CPU, GPU, and power consumption.

GameBench has also allowed us to note that some games are limited to FPS to reduce battery consumption.

The iPhone mentioned above are regularly offered games at 60FPS, something that the top Android are not able to do. iPhone IF, the cheapest iPhone of Apple, has had the same performance of the iPhone 6s thanks to the remarkable characteristics of the hardware. the iPhone 6 has behaved very well, keeping the FPS high (59 FPS in Lara Croft Go). Galaxy S7 has reached the 44FPS and the LG G5 the 42FPS. The new HTC 10 but has reached 44FPS. And of course it is legitimate to think that the Android device older and less powerful of these top of the range to get the worst results.

Of course, these data are relative and depend on several factors; they are definitely not a key point when choosing a device even if it is still curious to analyze it, and try to understand what are then the potential of the devices, of course, taking it for a good test run by Cranz. It should be noted that the biggest problem of Android lies in the optimization software, even if, in the future, the Android device will be able to do so many steps forward in the world of gaming thanks to the Vulkan API (equivalent to Metal on iOS) and to the work of the developers.

You can find here the full article of Gizmodo.

Source: BGR

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