Mob Psycho 100: here's how long will the spin-off on Reigen


Published on Feb 12, 2019


According to an update of the publishing house japanese Shogakukan, the artist ONE is going to publish the spin-off of Mob Psycho 100. Its publication is expected in Japan for the February 19th and it will be a story that will see as protagonist the master Shigeo, the great Reigen!

The title of the work is Reigen: The Man with Max 131 Spiritual Power, and will focus on all those tasks performed without the aid of his trusted disciple Mob.

As the owner of an office which provides assistance and advice with regard to spirits and other related subjects, see in the work as it unfolds the life of this “detective of the occult”, and will also be introduced to a new character that will make him an assistant: this is a girl who attends secondary schools and who will work with him part-time, just as with the Mob, and the fans know that the girl will not take long to learn the true nature of his mentor.

Then with regard to the duration of Reigen: The Man with Max 131 Spiritual Power, it will be a single volume, as can be seen also from the fact that it was published only one cover, that of this single volume, that you can see below:

However, if not you can wait for the opera to be published, for you there is always the animated series based on the Mob Psycho 100, which is currently in the second season (you can find here my review of the last episode that aired).

Created by ONE, the artist of the web-comics come to success thanks to his One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 tells the story of Shigeo kageyama is a, a boy with psychic powers, nothing short of monstrous that tend to grow with the passage of time, and to avoid going out of control, the boy represses within himself their emotions, undertaking that it will not always be so simple, even in the light of the aspirations that he has for him, his mentor, Reigen.

Source: CB.

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