MIX, announced the anime from the manga of Adachi


Published on Aug 02, 2018


MIX, the recent effort of the master Mitsuru Adachi (Touch, Rough, Cross Game), will enjoy an animated series for television that will debut on the japanese issuers during the Spring of 2019.

At the moment, have not yet been made known the names of the staff that will take care of the transposition; below is the advertising poster of the ad:

MIX is in the course of serialization on the pages of the monthly magazine Gessan of Shogakukan since 2012; at the moment, the series consists of 12 volumes, with volume 13, scheduled for 9 August 2018.

In Italy the series is published by Editions Star Comics (10 volumes so far):

“The master Adachi returns to his old passion, the baseball, presenting a gripping story from the taste for nostalgia: twenty-six years after the events of return in fact in high school Meisei, historical setting of the Touch.
The institute, which had hosted the brothers Uesugi, then entered in the legend, see today, wander through its corridors, the brothers Tachibana, who aspire to become even more legendary as their predecessors.
Will these arrogant high-school students to reach their aim? To find out that you do not miss the new work of the great master Adachi, the author of unforgettable books like the Touch and Q and A!”

Source: Moetron

MIX, announced the anime from the manga of Adachi is




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