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Published on Jul 05, 2019


Tom King is one of the revelations comics of the last few years. Can be considered as one of the authors the most transgressive and anti-conventional in the activities and just read works by disruptive and subversive as the Sheriff of Babylon", the Omega Men, The Vision, and his current run on Batman to realize it. Lion has also proposed another of his amazing work, Mister Miracle mini-series of twelve issues focuses on Scott Free, the escape artist, created by the legendary Jack Kirby for his seminal Saga of the Fourth World.

This second volume includes the numbers leaving the necklace and it has to do with the usual atmosphere supereroiche. Mister Miracle is, in fact, a comic strip, adult and sophisticated that could be put on the same level as many necklaces of the dead Vertigo. It's not even particularly easy, since it requires concentration, since the scan is narrative experimental.

The plot is based on a constant contrast between everyday situations and trivial and the other characterized by the contexts of the visionary and imaginative. Scott, aka Mister Miracle, and is described by King as a man confused and vulnerable that he found difficulty in balance while living on earth with his wife, Big Barda. The two have conceived a child, and Scott needs to address the responsibilities arising from the paternity and deal with issues normal activities such as feeding the small, him to fall asleep and think of their needs.
On the other hand, however, Scott is a superhero, married to a superhero and come to the son

the terrible and scary Darkseid. The latter is a constant presence, an obsession that torments Scott and pushes him to make irrational. As if that wasn't enough, after killing Orion, Scott became the High Father and not to neglect, a war between New Genesis and Apokolips. Scott, then, is a man divided between a human existence and conventional and another characterized by massacres, killings, and beings as powerful and evil.

And what happens when Superman decides to want to take care of grandchild? Of all, as you will discover in this volume. Tom King signed one of his best work ever, playing with moments seemingly quiet and sequences focused on the action. Inserted in the plot a tense atmosphere oppressive, evident in the shocking episode in which Big Barda gives birth to his son, for example; or those relating to dreams, to nightmares and visions that haunt Scott. The influence of the cinema, the uncanny, David Lynch is obvious and you feel a sense of threat that could destabilize everything.

The texts and the dialogues of King are carried out and effective, and the author gives you a miscellanea of forms of expression, including the interior monologue, the narration impersonal, third-person, and even a few cut-ups to Burroughs. Play then with the classic characters of Kirby as Lightray, the Furies, Desaad, Oberon and Granny Dear, well-known to fans of the Saga of the Fourth World, making them multi-faceted and the most disturbing and intimidenti if compared with classical models. At the same time, are human, are not free of moral ambiguity, and in fact, the story can't be judged by recourse to the classical dichotomy good/bad.

There is also a curious quotations, ranging from the pop culture represented by Batman and ironic digs at the late lamented Stan Lee through Funky, a farcical individual who expresses himself with famous sentences of Smiling. In short, the elements of interest in Mister Miracle are many. Praise should also be given the beautiful designs by the very talented Mitch Gerads, who had already worked with King in the Sheriff of Babylon". His style is natural, enhanced by the play of light and shadow appropriate to the restlessness evoked by the plot. Sets the layout to the Watchmen, with a grid of nine frames per page, and this choice helps accentuate the allure claustrophobic of the work. Gerads was busy as well with the colors and opt for muted hues and delicate in the tables concerning the daily life of Scott and Barda, while those set to Apokolips you grant graphic solutions that are typical of psychedelic art. Ultimately, Mister Miracle, certainly deserves to be taken into consideration.

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