Minions 2 and Sing (2: delayed outputs


Published on Apr 08, 2020


Universal Pictures has announced the postponement of two of his upcoming movies, Minions 2 – As Gru becomes despicable and Sing 2, both sequels to their respective franchises, and both to 2021.

Sing 2, initially planned in the USA for 2 July 2021, has been moved to December 22, 2021 right to leave the slot free for Minions 2, the latter is moved, therefore, of a year.

This is the synopsis of Minions 2 – As Gru becomes despicable, initially expected in italy for the August 27, 2020:

From the largest franchise animated of the history and global phenomenon, reaching the Minions 2 – As Gru becomes despicable, the story is still not told of the dream of a twelve year old to become the greatest villain in the world.

With the characteristic humor of Illumination, references to pop culture, sentimentality and action, Minions 2 – How Crane becomes the evil is orchestrated by the original creators of the franchise.

This is the synopsis of Sing 2:

Sing 2, directed by Garth Jennings, is the sequel to the eponymous hit film that saw a group of animals to save the Moon Theatre from closure, he decides to hold a singing competition so as to return the theatre to its former glory.

This time the protagonists will have to abandon the Moon Theatre to perform on the stage of a great city.

Minions 2 and Sing (2: delayed outputs is




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