Milzano, kills his wife while in the house there are three children


Published on May 09, 2020


When the mayor of Milzano( Brescia province) yesterday evening came out of the house for a walk near her home, of course you would be expected to intervene and become the witness of a dramatic story. In a house close to her house was working a murder. A man was in fact killing his wife in the house, in front of the three children who were, despite themselves, witnesses to what was happening.

He took a knife in hand and cut the throat: this is the first reconstruction made by those who investigate. Maybe at the end of a quarrel, they say. Then came out from the door of the terraced house where it is consumed, the offence, and awaited the arrival of the Police officers who have handcuffed and taken to the barracks.

Luca Lupi, 41-year-old merchant house in Milzano, was arrested on the evening of Friday and in the next few hours will be heard by the magistrate. The murder was consummated shortly after the dinner, in front of the three children of the couple: the smallest has 3 years old, the largest 15.

To give the alarm, as told each other about previously, around 21.30 was the mayor of Milzano. Maximum Giustiziero, who lives not far from the villa, via the Nightingale theatre of the murder, he was home as he heard the screams.

Worried about what he felt when he left his bike and tried to understand what was going on, and putting then into contact with the forces of law and order.

Entering from the gate, the first citizen he met the 41-year-old, who would have immediately admitted that he killed his wife two years younger and a native of Romania. Then he ran into the eldest of the couple: with the clothes dirty of blood, in shock, asked for help. The small probably in the house, waiting for help, they tried to do something for their mother. There was nothing to do. The woman is deceased.

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