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Published on Feb 28, 2018


Milly Carlucci soon be back on tv in the early evening on Saturday night with Dancing with the stars 2018. The new edition of the program of Rai 1 that this year will also have a great novelty. In fact there will be a third driver who will work alongside Milly and Paolo Belli, but we do not yet know his name. Waiting to see the first episode of Dancing with the stars 2018, we will talk about Milly Carlucci, of his private life but also his career is made of many successes. The difficult times for the Milly are not missed, we think, for example what happened just a few days ago. While Milly was on tv to present the new edition of Dancing with the stars has been informed of the death of Bibi Ballandi, his great friend and producer of Dancing with the stars. Milly could not hold back his emotion and has left the studio One Morning in silence. We are sure that in this edition of Dancing with the stars the Carlucci will dedicate part of his work and the success that we wish the program to his friend of a life.

HOW OLD IS MILLY CARLUCCI? Milly Carlucci was born in Sulmona on October 1, 1954. Milly is actually the name of art, of the popular television presenter is called Camilla Patrizia Carlucci. It's not nice to say the age of the lord but saw that Milly takes them to big, we can say that the host has 64 years.

MILLY CARLUCCI EVERYTHING ABOUT HIS PRIVATE LIFE: MARRIAGE AND CHILDREN-Married since 21 April 1985, with the engineer Angelo Donati, Milly Carlucci has two children: Patrick, 26, and Angelica Krystle 31. It seems that the famous tv presenter wanted to do a third son, but the husband would in the end because “there was too much age gap”.
The family of Milly is completed by the sisters Gabriella, former parliamentarian and former mayor, and Anna, records and tv presenter.

Milly Carlucci is high-1,74 and weighs about 60 pounds. With a physical presence is enviable, loves to wear long dresses in mermaid style have become his trademark.
But how to stay beautiful and young like her after 60 years? Milly argues that the basis of his perfect physical shape there is a healthy and balanced diet which accompanies it since adolescence, associated with a regular physical activity.

MILLY CARLUCCI AND REBUILT? to those who suspect that you be subjected to some “retouches”, the presenter reveals that his great ally is the laser, which regenerates the collagen stimulates the skin to renew itself. But the dazzling smile of Milly hides, as to all, any time not really happy. One of the hardest moments was without doubt the death of his mother to breast cancer, discovered too late. Among the difficulties faced, there is also that of his allergy to sunlight. It is a rare disease that causes brown spots on the skin.

About ritocchini and how Milly will keep you in shape, the tv presenter has explained in the book as best you can, where he reveals to his readers and his readers some of the secrets to love yourself and be in shape. Milly explains it with these words, the reasons for which he decided to write this book: “in Writing these pages, I have come to my mind all of the questions you have asked me many times about how I keep myself in shape, as I take care of my appearance, where I find energy and enthusiasm. Day after day I tried it on myself several different strategies, I asked him for advice to doctors and experts, and I found a very personal journey and many small steps to reach the spa. Can be of help to someone? Maybe yes, maybe discover some tips useful for you! And if I had to choose a single council, to give to my daughter or a dear friend, here's what would be: let's try to love ourselves for who we are and we find the courage to throw ourselves into the fray to realize the dreams that make the heart beat.”


The career of Milly Carlucci began in 1976 with the transmission The other Sunday, conducted by Renzo Arbore, but he reached success with the run of Games without frontiers, on Rai2, for four editions.In the Eighties, there were several programs that were followed by the public until the transition to the networks, Fininvest, in 1983. Leads here Risatissima, Blue, together with Vittorio Salvetti, and Beauty to the bathroom.

The return in the Rai dated back to 1990: that year, that Milly Carlucci became one of the most well known faces. One of the major successes of the Nineties is the program we Bet, that...? conducted together with Fabrizio Frizzi for six editions. Its undoubted quality of the lead, in 1992, the conduct of the Festival of Sanremo with Pippo Baudo. Bear his signature and also some editions of the Zecchino d'oro, Pavarotti & Friends, the David di Donatello, and still Telegatti.

But this is 2005, which marks one of the major successes of the presenter. This is the debut year of the hit show Dancing with the stars. And after over ten years of success, the television program is heating up the engines for the year 2018. The program will start again on 10 march with the new couples that will compete to the rhythm of rumba and cha-cha-cha for ten nights. This year the contestants of the dance competition will be the former miss Jessica Notaro, the expert of look John Ciacci, the actors Cesare Bocci, Stefania Rocca and Nathalie Guetta. To complete the cast of this edition, Eleonora Giorgi, Amedeo Minghi, Massimiliano Morra, Christina Ich, Akash Kuman, Giaro Giarratana, the surfer Francisco Porcella and the american actor Don Diamond. A cast of all respect, so that definitely allow you to Milly Carlucci to replicate the successes of the ratings of the previous editions.

( in the gallery some pictures of past editions of Dancing with the stars)

The tv presenter has been dedicated in the past to singing recording several singles and albums between the Eighties and the Nineties. He has not shied then the drama: she debuted in the cinema in 1980 in the Bitchy tamed with Adriano Celentano, he then acted in the Pappa and ciccia by Neri Parenti, and in the television series Desire to win alongside Gianni Morandi.

Between all of these professional activities, Milly Carlucci has always remained very attached to the family: two sons and her husband Angelo. Relatively to the encounter with what was to become her future husband, the tv presenter has revealed that it was a pure case. After having known and lost sight of for a few years, in fact, you would have met casually. And the happy ending is that well known at all. For you in a few days starts the new adventure with Dancing with the stars 2018.


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