Milly Carlucci " hosted by Maria de Filippi by Fazio: the team of Dancing has not appreciated


Published on Apr 13, 2018


Milly Carlucci is back to talk about Friends of Maria de Filippi, and he does a few hours after the new challenge on the Saturday evening. The story complicates a lot of several aspects. The first concerns the fact that Maria de Filippi and Milly Carlucci, apparently, from time to time, are not in good relations. The second concerns the statements that the two conductors have released: when Dancing with the stars was airing against, There is mail for you, Milly had told him not to feel in competition so it was a challenge that Saturday night. On the eve of the first episode of Friends of Maria de Filippi said that the data auditel not they would be interested in this fight, seeing that she was not in competition with Milly. The third given is that the first challenge between Friends, and Dancing with the stars was won by Rai 1 and to top it off, the last thing to put on the fire, the hosted of Mary Fazio.

Milly Carlucci has told her, explaining that you did not like her and did not like the whole team, but you may object: if the two programs are not in competition, of which you speak? To this objection, Carlucci would probably say that Dancing was not in competition with is There mail as different format but with Friends, things change because it is a talent. This, however, the De Filippi could respond with another jab: she was a guest on Rai 1 at a time not brilliant, given the fact that the Friends had just lost against Dancing, its also could be considered a bold choice. But instead, Milly doesn't think this way.

All this speech to say that, both of the conductors, will always find their way to overturn the point of view...

Interviewed by Vanity Fair, host of Dancing with the stars, speaks precisely of this hosted by Maria de Filippi by Fazio. And speaking of Friends, the Carlucci revealed that this year, has not watched even a minute of the show.

I have not had a particular reaction. I know that these are things that you do, as the hosted the Mayor on Channel 5: tv everyone promotes what he wants. I found, however, a reaction very heartfelt in my group. For the team of Dancing this intervention was unsettling, many people wondered: “Help, this thing will have an impact on our performance on Saturday night?”. Because it is given a space of promotion is very important to other transmission

Apparently the team did not, however, acceptable. The journalists of Vanity Fair, Milly Carlucci explains what was the advice she gave:

I said that I continue to think, as always, to our job and do it great. My only concern is that the public of aficionados who have been following us now for thirteen years, you do not get bored, never ever feel that we have pulled the oars in the boat. Also because we are able to do the direct with a nonchalance that is now lost in the tv

There remains that give you appointment on Saturday evening for the next challenge Friends 17 vs. Dancing with the stars 2018.

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