Milly Carlucci comments on the triangle Osvaldo-Kinnunen-Oradei: so what do you think


Published on Jul 28, 2019


In the last few days there has been much talk of the couple formed by Dani Osvaldo and Veera Kinnunen and everything that happened during and after the Dancing with the stars. Many viewers of the program, who have followed everything that has happened in the course of this last edition of the program of Rai 1, you are deployed by Stefano Oradei, thinking that in some way the romance between Veera and Dani both born while she was still engaged. To talk about today is Milly Carlucci that has somehow been called into question, even by those who are on social comment on this story, saw that in a direct of the programme, the presenter had made quite a “cazziatone” to Oradei for its scenes of jealousy. Milly, interviewed by Tvblog, wanted to tell her about this matter. The presenter reiterated, as he did also in other occasions that she is not concerned with the private lives of the dancers, but in that case it was necessary to take a position on his part.

The presenter for the first time is to understand using words that are very clear, that Stefano Oradei and Veera Kinnunen are arguing but not only. You understand that the master of Dancing, he exaggerated, exceeding all limits. And, in fact, Milly said: ” I condemn any type of disagreement is not resolved ever coming to the hands, especially if these things concern a woman .”

Probably the host, tired of the fact that many people on social have commented believing that Stephen is the victim of this story, he wanted to put the dots on the.

And still:

“Whatever the behavior of a woman in a couple the way to solve it is never to slaps. And then stigmatizzavo a behavior that put in difficulty the production.“ Remember that Stephen had also prevented his girlfriend to leave for Argentina, where he would record a clip in the company of Dani Osvaldo. The presenter also confirmed that there was a sort of shock to the teacher of Dancing, to understand that was mistaken, and only with those words live, has been able to do something for him.

In regard to the latest news on the relationship established between Veera Kinnune and Dani Osvaldo, the presenter could not comment.

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