Milly Carlucci commented on the difficult time of John Ciacci, but did not reveal if they will return or not


Published on Apr 13, 2018


Giovanni Ciacci take to the track on Dancing with the stars 2018 in the episode aired on April 14, or no? We'll find out only tomorrow evening in the course of the direct of the sixth episode of the talent show on Rai 1, but Milly Carlucci, answering questions of journalists of Vanity Fair attempts to explain what has happened in the last few days, after the collapse of the physical and emotional had by Ciacci. Giò Giò, in fact, announced via social withdrawal. But it really has decided to leave Dancing with the stars 2018?

Reached by the journalists of Vanuty Fair, the tv presenter said her on what is happening at Giovanni Ciacci.

John is living a particular moment and I understand, because it is very stressed from a variety of circumstances, not just physical. The wave of emotional that is poured out upon me, good and bad, has been huge. This is the effect of the Saturday evening of Raiuno. And he obviously does not know how to handle it

The journalists of Vanity Fair, note to the presenter that perhaps Ciacci could even think about it before, would have to imagine that his choice to get on the track with a man, it would have been challenging from every point of view.

I believe that in this proportion he could not really predict what would have triggered its presence. The theme, of which he became spokesman touches the intimate life of individuals and families, more than you can imagine: it is the acceptance of what does not belong to our lived the most conventional and reassuring. Triggers reactions too contrasting

Milly explains it with these words, the choice to have brought Dancing Ciacci, indicating two important things. John is joined by a master homosexual because it would have been almost impossible to find ( had to have too many requirements, it would have been exhausting), and also denies the fact that the performances take place in the late evening, saw that the ladder has a sort random. And adds:

I clearly thought it was an important topic, of which he had the right to speak in a transmission like ours. If the topics that are most important you play only in the appointed sites, you end up always refer to persons already convinced of the goodness of what you say. Instead, it is necessary to discuss them there where you can find all, who is agree and who is not. What we have done, we have a sense of civilization

The presenter rightly not updates us on what has been the decision taken by John Ciacci, otherwise the taste would be there! All postponed to Saturday evening with the new episode of Dancing with the stars 2018.

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