Millennials – A novel for Young Adults Italian. But well done.


Published on May 17, 2019


Millennials – The New World is a science fiction novel written by The public morals, which demonstrates how to be able to exist fiction YA good quality!

“The day was tiring, it was discussed until dinner time of the installation of the new generator powered by palm oil, but it was worth it: the next day the engineers would be put to work. Also Moh, of course, would have done its part, spending nearly two hundred syyn for the assistance of two communities in the netherlands.

Ate the pita, and drank the beer sitting on the edge of the terrace, looking at a group of gulls wheeling on the shore near the cruise ship ran aground. Vultures on a carcass, the white long two hundred metres away, a boat with the stern still in the sea, and the bow that ran across the beach and you impennava above the old Zephyr Mall.”

Among the dozens of books, games and comics that I had brought home from the last Lucca Comics & Games and there was also this nice romanzone Mondadori, hardcover, illustration, neutral/psychedelic than the ones made for their little readers, generalists, and probably the most young people.

I already knew the public morals, the collective of authors that realized it, I knew that it was a sort of sci-fi dystopian style, The 100s and the Hunger Games, dedicated and paraculamente to the public, Young Adult, I imagined a product planned at a table with a good dose of girl empowerment and millenialismo (from the cover).

What I calculated is that the book was so cool.

First, the (my) definition of preliminary science-fiction dystopian is doubly inaccurate: the story takes place in a future so close as to be in practice, our present, while dystopia that paventavo is a new company which in fact works better than our and the proceeds sent to a better future of what awaits us in this timeline the primary, to which we belong.

In may 2019 (i.e. NOW), all adults on the planet can block hit and become bodies stuck, leaving the boys from seventeen years down, left to themselves and, often, with the task of taking care of the adults comatosi.

But also free, free to rebuild a world where, after the first few years of disasters, tragedies, and struggles for survival (which we are not told), things go even better than before. The most skillati between the “survivors” are due to grow and become self-employed suddenly become carers of adults and children, to organize, to survive the collapse of the dynamics of the production and global distribution, but they also managed to create a community to be progressive, sustainable, smart, socialist, in contact with each other thanks to the internet, in a constant exchange of knowledge and skills through the new digital currencies, where everything is decided in meetings, and the old discrimination of ethnicity, national origin, religion and sexual preferences have no more place: almost a utopia of the glocal, digital and ecopunk, if it were not for the many (still) the threats that besiege this “New World”.

Yes, because Millennials avoided for luck drift soft sci-fi and conceptual, as much as surrender to the pessimism and the #maiunagioia of the post-apocalyptic and dystopian (The New World in the title is not, perhaps, a response to Huxley?), to focus on a story and characters based decisively on the action and on the “big ethical dilemma” that will soon emerge in the story, the engine of the plots and character growth that accompanies the various journeys of the hero, training courses and ideas in the romance of which is composed of the plot, which lead us to empathize, and motivate the events of these Millennials who have inherited the world.

The novel is thus a true “voltapagine” with fast-paced and modern, the characters pleasant, and never stereotypical, and a good quality of writing. In particular, for readers with strong and sgamati, I would like to highlight:

– the descriptions are so clear and precise, never redundant

– the lack of spiegoni and banality

– perfect control of the points of view

– a premise, perhaps a little too paradoxical, but which gives life to the world-building is coherent, in which the actions and motivations of the characters are believable and interesting, and in which place with an ethical dilemma.

– a certain taste for the sense of wonder, even if limited to a context not too different from our present.

In conclusion

Summing up, Millennials is a beautiful novel of action, adventure and speculative fiction, which chooses a way of the original positivist understanding of the genre post-apocalyptic (almost eco-punk), with excellent writing and a subject very interesting. It is not a conceptual, but is mena where there is a lead, without, however, expire in the taste for the violence, in the barbarism of social and dystopian the fiction american has now unfortunately become accustomed.

The practical demonstration that there can be fiction YA done well, and that you can write speculative fiction for the YA.

Really to be recommended.



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