Miley Cyurs brings Cody to the marriage of his brother


Published on Nov 05, 2019


Photo: @ Instagram/ Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyurs and Cody Simpson take their relationship to the next level, and, a few weeks after the first snapped together, the singer has decided to officially present the companion to his family.

The opportunity presented itself over the weekend when the former mrs. Hemsworth has brought the singer the australian at the wedding of his brother in Tennessee.

“My brother was married in a beautiful sunny day in Tennessee, standing on the same hills in which we grew up. Coming-I love you, I'm happy for you and Stella.”

Between one shot and the other of the informal ceremony, Miley also gave us a photo of her along with mom Tish and her new companion.

While we arrovelliamo to try to understand how it can take the crazy love between Miley and Cody, Kaitlynn Carter has just released an interview focus on its relationship fizzled with the former Hannah Montana.

“My friend and I Miley we spent our summer vacation in Europe to try to overcome the end of our wedding, it was at that moment that is born my first and only love affair with a woman. With her I should not think of anything or analyze things too much. Today, when I reflect on our friendship over the last three years, I realize that I have always been attracted to her in a way I have never been attracted from other friends, but until this trip I had never been of the mind that there might be between us something romanesque.”




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