Mile: “Luino looking for young entrepreneurs, you are the joy that we need”

Published on Feb 18, 2017

So much has been said in these days, especially on social networks, on the controversy regarding the video of “the Republic.en”, with the opinions of the comic Enzo Iacchetti, Francesco Salvi and Massimo Boldi, who have created a stir. After our piece a few days ago, to intervene is the councillor for the Development, Alessandra Miglio, who has sent us a press note in which, clearly, tells the reality luino area from his point of view. Here are his words. Mile: “Luino looking for young entrepreneurs, you are the joy that we need.” “Thank you, Augustine, Nicholas, to give us this space, where you can try to talk to each other in a more intimate dimension, with respect to the debate on titles that speak to a wider area. Create a virtual public square is a way to be cured of the community, that is proving not to be composed of individuals culled, the anonymous or forgotten, but still cultivates a pride and want to affirm their own specificity in the way.For me, this spat with the comic “sad” was an injection of confidence in my small town, the humor that comes from the jokes on the sadness (I laugh even writing this sentence), from t-shirts to the theme and the songs, makes me realize how much potential of life there is in a residential area. As you rightly many have pointed out a place is cheerful or sad that the spirit of its inhabitants; I have been in Ireland when the economic crisis biting, but I laughed a lot, in the rich Denmark I was struck by the civilization of the people, have been good, but I enjoyed it so much. Luino is a bit of a half, there are moments, and at moments no, it's not only depends on the time, and even how scimmiottiamo the city with “events” important, depends on the magic of a dialog box, which can be caused by many pretexts, it can be a walk with Cai, to design a new task, to make music together... Luino is Luino, because it was open to change, has seized the opportunities that came from beyond the alps, the railroad, first, the textile industry and its suppliers and then, later the building for the tourists who can also judge the evil, but has brought prosperity to many, the trade, all aimed to attract the foreign customer; you are also lost opportunities, it is a pity that we are not born a co-op that would compete at the Coop, which then settled in the city, at that time, the merchants had the money needed, but it's not the vision of the future, it was thought that the supermarkets would not be successful. Intuition instead have had of the entrepreneurs who have created companies from nothing and still assume, I think SPM and Ghiringhelli, for example; instead, at the moment it is difficult to find in young people the passion, the courage and the desire to do enterprise with all its risks; it's not only the scarce availability of funds since this problem I have also in the rich Bavaria, so much so that the topic-funded studies are important, the reasons are more complex. Here is a company that is born is joy, because it looks like the canvas of the painter, or the score of the musician, or the road of the cyclist, in front of you, your infinite, and you can commit and dream, dream and engage, this joy is trying to make its way to Luino, for now, with very few examples, among which, dear Augustine, I put this blog”.

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