Migrants held in another centre, the mayor of Vitulano reopen the road

Published on Feb 12, 2017

It is still passable all the way to the farm hosting the migrants in the Municipality of Vitulano (Benevento). As you know the vice-mayor Antonio Iannella (Pd) has been reached an agreement with the Prefecture on the number of migrants from the host, rose from 34 to 12. The land that prevented the passage for safety reasons – both for the damage of the flood of the year 2015 is for the comings and goings of continuous media – is now piled up on the side of the road and the barricades have been moved. Migrants held in another centre, the mayor of Vitulano reopen the road. Will be diverted to another reception centre of benevento, about 40 migrants who had been destined to Vitulano. The arrival of the new refugees had provoked the reaction of the mayor, the Pd of the country, Raffaele Scarinzi, who had issued an ordinance to order the closure of the only road leading to the structure identified in order to accommodate the foreigners, a farm where they already have allocated several asylum seekers, by the deposit of a pile of earth that has physically blocked the access to the street. The turning point came with the decision of the prefecture of Benevento to close the private structure, which has been followed by the reopening of the road determined by the Municipality. In the ordinance the mayor had ordered the closure of the Castle street-Arnara, “why don't you can walk in safety”, pointing out “the serious danger in the transit of the road, already affected by landslides and subsidence of some parts as a result of the flood, and now being a use that is unsustainable in the presence of a structure that is authorized for the purposes of agri-tourism and for a maximum number of 12 people, which today is home to the triple”. Improper use of the property and the rural road“, which became even more dangerous as a result of the continuous protests of the refugees and the citizens of Vitulano that have resulted in a continuous coming and going of means.” “We are not racist, is that the conditions were not there. It was only organisational issue,” said Scarinzi, to Skytg24. Explaining the reasons of his position, the mayor pointed out that in Vitulano there is already a centre Sprar, which houses 30 migrants and that the municipalities that already host a Sprar cannot accommodate other facilities for immigrants. But this has nothing to do with racism, was keen to emphasise. “Our – said – was the only Municipality that has dedicated a feast to the refugees, has placed them in the football team, even has them involved in a film we shot here in Vitulano”, however, has pointed out, the rules have to be respected. (ADNKRONOS)

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