Migrants and NGOS, the case of the prosecutor of Catania, the next may 3, the scrutiny of the Csm

Published on Apr 28, 2017

To make known the news was the vice-president of the Csm, Giovanni Legnini, that will take the case for examination to the committee of the presidency of the next three may. Positions and criticism of the prominent personalities of the Italian political panorama. Here's what he had told the prosecutor of Catania Carmelo Sugar on NGOS and the smuggling of migrants. Migrants and NGOS, the case of the prosecutor of Catania, next 3rd of may for consideration by the Csm. “After having heard the heads of the court and the president of the first commission, Giuseppe Fanfani, will submit the case for examination to the committee of the presidency of the first meeting fixed for Wednesday 3 may.” He said the vice-president of the Csm, Giovanni Legnini, when asked about the statements of the prosecutor of Catania, Zuccaro in the theme of ngos and migrants. “You shouldn't generalize, you have to make inquiries: if anyone should be punished, should be punished”, said the minister of Justice Andrea Orlando on each other. “Discussions of a general character are useful if you then also produce concrete facts and judgments,” he added, in the margin of an initiative to Campi Bisenzio (Florence), noting that “it is inevitable” the exploitation by certain political parties, “but don't worry about this, we make the processes”. The story and the words of the prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro. “In my opinion, some Ngos might be financed by traffickers, and I know the contacts” a round of money, that is immigration from Libya that “are yielding as much as that of the drug.” And’ the hypothesis, but only to the detective that at the moment there is no evidence” launched by the prosecutor of Catania, Carmelo Zuccaro, who is back on the investigations on the role of non-governmental Organizations in the arrival of migrants in Italy. The magistrate, in an interview, reiterates its net distinction and confirmation that the Ngo such as Save the children or Doctors without borders) on all” work properly for a long time, and they do a great job”: the money given to them, he says, are “well spent”. On the other hand, it is necessary to understand where they are coming from the funding: “tell me where you get the money and I'll tell you who you are,” says the Pm. That the BEND explains, “to have reported a phenomenon, and not individual persons,” because if you wait too long runs the risk of producing elements deleterious not the most controllable” and that “this is an exception” to privacy, but also “a duty for those who must enforce the law”. And a study of the impact that “an influx of migrants uncontrolled” has on the Italian economy. Scenarios of high impact those evoked by Sugar, which does not seem, however, shared by the two representatives of the government. “The issues raised cannot be underestimated”, but it is necessary to “avoid generalizations”, observed the minister of the Interior Marco Minniti, while the minister of justice, Andrea Orlando, is hoping that “the prosecutor's office of Catania speaks through the investigations and proceedings”. But stresses that “to reconstruct the history of Ngos such as the history of colluding with the traffickers, it is a lie”. For Matteo Renzi: “that someone is not doing well I would say that it is possible. I dare to say: it is likely. But the vision of the operators of the Ngos that are all at the service of the smugglers, as told by an aspiring statesman, not good”. “If any of the Ngos goes a few miles from the coast – says the former premier – I think you need to intervene. Then, need to be tackled the smugglers, not the volunteers. If we blame the volunteers that save water with the mothers who are at risk of dying...”. The ‘lighthouse’ on the Ngos by the Prosecutor's office of Catania is turned on by the time. Investigations were started on their proliferation in the Mediterranean sea, on their funding and also on the method of rescue and on landing in Italy. And contacts audio with the traffickers: “From Libya, there are calls – rebuild Sugar – ‘what can we put in the sea of the boats even if there is the sea rough?’. And from nearby ships to the places of assistance you answer ‘do quietly, so we are close”. The shut-off radio is not only a cognitive element that is not usable processualmente because it is not identifiable source. The controversy on Ngos and migrants reignite the political debate: “I don't know if it is clear: Ngos, perhaps financed by the smugglers! The hypocrites continue to attack me, I go to the bottom,” says the vice president of the Chamber M5S Luigi Di Maio. Try to use the irony of the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, “but from, But who would have ever thought...”. And if the centre-right takes compact with the thesis of the Prosecutor of Catania, Ngos raised a chorus of protests. From Save the children, which denounces “a general climate of mistrust, where they could face the expense of children, women and men fleeing” to the Queen Catambrone, founder of Moas, that the accusation: “these politicians are making campaign on the death of the people.” (ANSA)

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