Migraine: discovery of a new drug that turns the switch off of the pain

Published on Oct 31, 2018

Migraine Farewell: In the Usa it was approved a new drug for the prevention of migraine, episodic and chronic. Soon should arrive even in Europe and in Italy. Piero Barbanti, director of the Unit for the care of and research on headaches and pain, Irccs San Raffaele Pisana of Rome, says: ”

“This new treatment is based on monoclonal antibodies that put a sort of lock to a substance called Cgrp, a small protein that is the principal author of the explosion of the migraine attack”

In practice, this new drug acts as a sort of switch that turns off the pain. The specialist stated that:

“Cgrp is a peptide that dilates and inflames the arteries of the meninges and increases the speed on the ‘motorways of the pain’. The monoclonal antibodies are able to silence this peptide and have a tolerability incredible, is not distinguishable from the placebo. Just an injection monthly and attacks are reduced. In addition, also improves compliance because the patient makes less effort to remember one injection per month compared to 3-4 tablets per day”.

When we talk about migraine, we tend to confuse it with a silly headache, but in reality it is not so. It is in fact a neurological disease severe, that in Italy alone affects 5 million people. It is believed one of the diseases most disabling in the world. The headaches you experience physiological and normal and not a disease. The specialist explains that instead of the migraine:

“It is a tempest nervous that characterizes a strong pain, never slight, and often one-sided, which tends to be the button, cause nausea and vomiting, discomfort for the lights and the noises . The attack can last up to 3 days, but between an attack and the other, the patient can still be disabled from the symptoms of the previous attack, or by the fear of the next attack”.

Then, regarding to the existence of preventive health care, states that there are:

“today, we have less solutions than 10 years ago, because many drugs are no longer in production. Substantially all care, non-specific, and this leads to many side effects that determine short periods of treatment. A recent study has shown that 1 migraine 3 has at least 5 attacks per month, but only 1.6% of these is a preventive care. In recent years there have been steps forward in the diagnosis of the disease, but it is definitely still sottotrattata”.

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